Spec Ops The Line: Audio Magazine Martina Walker

Beyond intelligence, presented in the game, there is also an audio journal by Martin Walker, which was once a PlayStation Network exclusive. Having studied it, you can add a picture about the plot of The Line and the personality of the captain in particular.


First record

Tomorrow my group will begin the mission "Lost in the Sands". Three of us go out: I, Lieutenant Adams and Sergeant Lugo. We've been fighting together with Adams for a long time, more than once covered each other's backs, so we are more, than just colleagues. Probably, so the lieutenant allowed himself to ask a question, which the, to put it mildly, not quite according to the charter: "Captain, what the hell are we getting into this? Why did we volunteer for this mission?" Well, I myself sometimes ask myself this question ... Firstly, the mission is not quite for "Delta", Secondly, after being wounded in Afghanistan, for several months I can be completely calm on rehabilitation leave. But still, hearing this last name again, I couldn't help but volunteer.

Soon a year, how the wonderful city of Dubai turned into a branch of Hell on Earth. Sand storms, not uncommon for this region, become more frequent and more powerful. At first, sure, they didn't pay much attention to it. And then, as it usually is, it's too late. Local authorities failed the evacuation. When the city was in a sand blockade, there were still several thousand inhabitants. And the local guys called in the cavalry ...

Rescuers and humanitarian aid traveled from all over the world. Yes, only almost no one could do anything. A sandstorm of this magnitude, that sand peels off skin from a person and paint from a car, able to stop any humanitarian impulse. But not Colonel John Conrad.

The colonel is a real hero, the pride of the American military. The officer with the largest letter. His 33rd battalion, the most famous battalion of our army, completed his mission in Afghanistan and was going home. Konrad volunteered for Dubai. His request was approved.

The guys tell, that when the colonel turned to his battalion and said, pier, i am flying to dubai. Who wants with me - I will be glad. Who wants to go home - I understand everything, it was a great honor for me to serve with you, hopefully, see you again and serve together. No fighter, even the most unrepentant salaga-rank-and-file, didn't fly home. Everyone stayed with Colonel John Conrad. That was such a commander!

Was - because its official status - "Missing". Half year ago, when I was lying in the hospital, and doctors fought for my life, Colonel John Konrad with his 33rd "Damned" Battalion fought its way through the sandstorm wall and entered Dubai, to organize the evacuation of the remaining civilians there. A couple of days later, he received an order from the command to leave the city., because the meteorological situation began to deteriorate in a critical way.

The colonel sent the general ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and said, that his mission has not yet been completed and he cannot leave to the mercy of fate from above 5 thousand civil. Then the connection was interrupted, the battalion led by its commander received the official status of "deserters" and "disappeared", and unofficial - "heroes".

And two weeks ago, the first signal for all this time came from Dubai - a radiogram with approximately the following content: “I’m John Conrad, Colonel of the United States of America Marine Corps. My mission to evacuate the civilian population of Dubai failed - we suffered heavy civilian casualties trying to break through the storm wall, especially women and children. We're back in town. End of communication ".

The command decided to send a reconnaissance group to Dubai, to find survivors, call the evacuation team and wait for its arrival. Actually, that's all - a task really not for Delta operatives.

So why did I volunteer? Two reasons. First - if the mission seems foolish at first glance, actually there will be a ton of shit. And who is even better to rake ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, if not "Delta Force"? Second, I owe my life to John Conrad. It was he who in Afghanistan dragged the bleeding me on him for almost a kilometer to the point of evacuation. So when the chance presented itself to repay the debt and save the life of the hero Konrad - I could not pass by.

End of recording.

Second entry

Our squad today broke through the wall of storms and went to the outskirts of Dubai. Damn sand! It seems, that he is everywhere - in his hair, eyes, teeth, lungs, guts. Lord, what was going on here in the midst of the apocalypse, because forecasters say, what compared to, what happened six months ago, not even storms today, So, light sandy breeze ...

When I make this entry, we have already broken through the sandy hell and found ourselves on the threshold of a lost paradise. I, sure, not a poet at all, but damn it, how great it is! At one point, the shroud of sand suddenly disappears, and we stand in the midst of a sun-drenched dazzling landscape. Transparent blue sky, sand shimmering in the sun, the famous towers of Dubai skyscrapers rise in the distance.

It immediately became clear, why does everyone say not just "sandstorm", and the "wall of storms" - because it is really a wall! Colorful landscapes ahead, and behind us, literally five steps away, tons of sand hanging in the air, covering the sky and the sun.

Forecasters say, that this very wall periodically breaks through and a pile of sand bursts into the city. The most creepy, what then, half year ago, there was no wall. The whole city was covered with a sandstorm. Horror! I can't even imagine, what all those people went through, which, according to the radiogram, now they are sitting somewhere in the city and waiting for their rescuers. Once again I am convinced, that Colonel Konrad is a real hero, since he ignored the order and stayed in this hell, to save civilians. The three of us simply have to find and save the colonel., and those, who he swore to protect.

End of recording.

Third entry

We enter the city. It becomes clear, what a nightmare was going on here. Highway, leading out of town, crowded with cars and buses, half-buried with sand. Many of them contain mummified corpses. An eerie sight - the eyes are pecked out by a crow, blackened skin finely excised - windshields could not withstand the onslaught of sand, and this suspension of glass and sand just shredded people. The picture was very shocking - in one of the cars a mummy-man and a mummy-woman cover a mummy-child, everyone's mouths open. understand, that they were revealed for a reason - at the moment of their death, they screamed in pain and horror.

Horror. And the worst thing is that there are hundreds and thousands of such cars on the highway. And how many cars are buried under the sand? Really, man-made paradise, erected by Arab sheikhs with oil money, turned into a total hell overnight, unable to withstand the confrontation with nature.

End of recording.

The fourth entry

Heck, heck, heck!!! There are indeed survivors here and, fuck, they are very hostile!

On the road to town, among hundreds of abandoned cars with mummies inside, we stumbled upon a roadblock, and there, in one of the jeeps, Adams found a completely fresh corpse - one of the Marines of the 33rd Battalion, who died an apparently violent death.

And then they found us - along the way, the same murderers of the marine we found. We were surrounded by some armed people - obviously local, those same, who are we, as in his time Konrad, came to save.

The conversation did not work out. The guys shouted some strange things, pier, we came to kill them. Kill too! What did they mean by this "too" - I do not understand. Then Lugo spoke to them - the sergeant is not only an excellent sniper, but also a wonderful translator. The guy decided, what if he speaks with them in their native language, then we better find mutual understanding. I do not know, what were they talking about in farsi, but after a couple of minutes the locals opened fire on us, and we had nothing to do, except to shoot everyone.

Heck, I was ready for that, that an easy mission will turn out to be devils than, but I could not imagine, that i have to kill people, whom I came to save. One thing became clear - the 33rd is definitely in the city, which means, in town and Colonel Konrad. We must quickly find him and together end this madness.

End of recording.

Fifth entry

We got an emergency signal from one of the 33. The guys were pinned down by the locals, and we rushed to save them.

what, fuck, all these six months happened here? What happened between our marines and civilians? Why do they hate each other so much?? The locals tied up two Marines, and when we have already made our way to them, practically took aim, these crazy Arabs first tried to kill their captives, instead of, to open fire on us.

We were literally a minute late - the last of the Marines died in my arms and did not have time to answer the question, is the colonel alive?. But I managed to confirm, that the city has like the locals, and the entire 33rd battalion. Well, let's go look for them.

End of recording.

Sixth entry

Found a refugee camp. Shook two things. The first is a wall with a bunch of Marine corpses in front of it.. Them, fuck, just shot! I still don't fucking understand, what happened here. And yet I saw something like this in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Yugoslavia, in Somalia - everywhere, where did I fight.

And here are the handmade dolls, made from expensive silks, with eyes of diamonds - I have not seen. And it's shocking. No matter, what happened here between civilians and marines, one thing is obvious - something human in people is left here, since they try to make their children comfortable even in hell. And it also became clear, that's all, what the world we are used to on the other side of this fucking sandy wall is built on, it didn't matter here. People have not lived here these six months. They survived.

End of recording.

Seventh entry

A lot of shit happened since last record, which still does not fit in my head. But gradually a picture of that, what was here these six months, looms.

It became clear, that maintaining order in a surviving city was not easy. 33-they started doing creepy things. We saw mountains of corpses of townspeople - shot, hanged, some were clearly tortured. Obviously, that not all the Marines supported Konrad in such a fulfillment of his combat mission. Most likely, a little civil war started here, and the local population became a bargaining chip in it.

It also became obvious, that the CIA was much earlier, than we, learned about, that there are survivors in the city, and sent a group of his agents here. They assessed the situation and, apparently, decided the same, what we are: “Complete, fuck, p… c!" I do not know, whether they authorized it from their command or not, but the commander of the field group decided, that the world is not yet ready for this truth, and if it opens, then Uncle Sam will have serious problems. So he thought the best way to avoid it was, literally, bury the truth in the sand. And for this he armed the local, most dissatisfied with Konrad's command, and added another front to the ongoing civil war here.

so, here people do not just survive - here they fight among themselves. Two Marine camps and local. Every man for himself. Over the fight - CIA gray cardinals. What is characteristic, we managed to become enemies of everyone, except for the CIA. So we need to get in touch with them - this is the only chance to finally find out, what's going on here, find Konrad and finish this fucking mission.

End of recording.

Eighth entry

I'll be damned! Damn this fucking Dubai! Damn this fucking mission! Damn that fucking Konrad! Today I gave the most terrible, not, the most monstrous order in my life! And Conrad, unleashed all this nightmare here, will answer me for that. As a last resort, I will go to Hell with him!

End of recording.

Ninth entry

I am losing my boyfriends ... We are in this Dubai for a little more than a day, but it seems, what have spent here all my life. Then, what we saw here, then, what we were forced to do here, to survive, it seems, completely erased all that, what's left there, behind the sand wall.

War changes people. I went through many wars. Most of the operations - along with Lieutenant Adams. We survived, survived all this and remained human, who have a home. Who We Are Now, during this, her mother, a simple rescue operation, I don’t know ... I don’t want to even think about it now. We must somehow complete the mission to the end. And for this we must be as one.

But I'm losing my boys! They snap at my orders. They argue among themselves. And these are not Lugo's stupid jokes of yesterday. Not! What am I saying - they 10 minutes ago we had a fight! Like fucking school kids at a fucking prom, not soldiers of one of the most elite special forces in the world!

10 minutes ago I was able to take control of the situation. Will I be able to do this, next time their fuses blow? I dont know. So get out of this fucking Dubai quicker.

End of recording.

Tenth entry
No strength…

No physical, no moral ...

I'm devastated.

We lost Lugo.

we, fuck, lost Lugo!!!

Since the last recording, we have doomed several thousand people to painful death., I killed several dozen American soldiers with my own hands, we lost our last chance to leave this damn city and return home. Lugo's death was the last straw.

Adams blames me for everything. He speaks, that's all because, that we deviated from the order and I decided to play fucking, his mother, hero. Pay debts to Konrad first, then become his judge. And I don't know if he's right or not. This is the creepiest.

Adams is still a fighter, he still follows my orders. But he is no longer "my fighter", who was a day ago. He doesn't give me his hand anymore. And it hurts. If anything else can hurt me ...

Konrad will be responsible for everything.

End of recording.

Eleventh entry

Adams is dead too. All dead. I have. There's a fucking tower, where the fucking Konrad sat down. I will find this fucking son of a bitch and he will answer me for everything.

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