Forza Horizon 4: Farm SUPER-7

This guide is intended to familiarize you with a bug / feature for car farming on SUPER-7.
This bug / feature is already working at least 3 months.
Works also in SUPER-7: High stakes, but with one caveat – most likely passes are strictly limited in number per person, therefore more than one cannot be obtained.



Complete all the challenges to get started. SUPER-7 as usual and get the car (there is no point in getting a lot of the same clothes for obvious reasons).After passing, in the game offer go through again tests or not, push not.
If you go back to the tests SUPER-7 expectedly nothing will change, there will also be a wheel spin after receiving the car.

Necessary actions

To receive you need to one more car, need to:

  • If, after the first playthrough, you entered the challenges again – press space and reset trials.
  • Quit the game (most likely there is no difference how to get out).
  • Enter the game.
  • Go to the menu.
  • Open Challenges SUPER-7.
  • Voila.

The car is right there. As if they never passed.

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