Dead by Daylight: Pocket Dictionary

Basic terms and concepts for beginners. Colloquial slang and more.


The main

DBD – abbreviated name Dead by Daylight.
Addons – various improvements to items for survivors and forces for assassins.
Perk – special common or unique skill of survivors or assassins.
Bild – a certain set of perks.
(Yellow / green / red) memento – short name Memento Mori.
Mans; mansit – The door, getting out of trouble. Ability to run from assassins.
360, 270, 180 – special case, is to try to dodge the assassin's blow, by performing one or more unexpected turns of the character at a given angle.
Apartment; catch – stunning killer.
Baff; bust – character enhancement, improving his skills and / or strength as part of the game balance.
Debaff; nerf – procedure, opposite to buff.
Imba – overly strong character / item / skill, upsetting the game balance.
Bloodpoints; BP – alternative name for Blood Points.
Abuse; abuz – the use of unbalanced location objects or game items for personal gain or game superiority.
Times; SWF – 2-4 person with voice communication, using the mode “Survival with friends”.
Suppose – daily rituals.
Kuldaun; rollback – cooldown of perk or assassin power.


Assassin Perks:
Noed – abbreviation of the name of the No One Escapes Death perk (No one can hide from death).
Ruins – abbreviated name of the Corruption perk: Doom.
Spider – alternative name of the perk Play with your victim.
BBQ or BBQ, BEACH – short name for BBQ and Chili perk.
Tanatka – abbreviated name of the perk Thanatophobia.
Franklin, franklins demays – abbreviated name of the perk The Doom of Franklin.
Crows – abbreviated name of the perk Twilight Spies.
Butcher, meat – abbreviated name of the perk Sloppy Butcher.
Grip – abbreviated name of the perk.
Remember – abbreviated name of the Remember Me perk (remember me).
Insidius – alternate name for the Deceit perk.
BFL – abbreviated name of perk Leave the best for last (English. “Save The Best For Last”)
Survivor Perks:
Splinter; Ds; Knife; Sharpening – abbreviated name of the Decisive Strike perk (Decisive blow).
Samohil – alternative name of the perk Himself a doctor.
Clock – alternate name for the perk Borrowed time.
Street – abbreviated name of perk Street Lessons.
Insert or Riser – alternative name for the perk Indestructible.
Nut, nut, dedhard – abbreviated name of the perk Die Hard.
Eye – abbreviated name of the perk Object of Obsession.
Cat – abbreviated name of the Goosebumps perk.
Chest; Marauder – abbreviated name of the perk Marauder's Sense.
Hope – an alternative name for the perk Hope.
Luck – abbreviated name of the perk Increase the stakes.


Tunneling – constant pursuit of one survivor, up to and including murder or complete sacrifice.
Tibegging – multiple squats, whose purpose, usually, is an attempt to humiliate other players, laugh at them.
Bodybuilding – closing the passage for another player with your body (survivor or killer) in order to restrict his movement.
Camping – waiting for the death of the victim after being hooked. Strategy, which prevents other survivors from helping to rescue the trapped victim.
Facecamping – special case, when the killer stands close to the survivor, which is hanging on the hook, preventing his allies from saving the victim.
Paletting – the survivor runs from the maniac around 1 or 2 boards for a long time (until he throws it off or until the killer wounds him).
Slagging – do not raise Survivors when playing as Assassin, making them bleed on the ground.
Genrash – quick repair of all generators 2-3 players, ignoring the killer, often using tool boxes.
Timing – performing a specific action at the right time; to catch the best moment to perform an action.
Stream sniping – stalking a streamer by deliberately entering their lobby.
Lagswich – the killer increases the load on the Internet, for the survivor to have connection problems, and it was easier to catch (irrelevant).
To tank – in the context of dead by daylight – take a hit (for example when escaping from a basement with a wounded ally)
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