Tiny Bunny: How easy it is to get the achievement “Utilizer”

Since personally it was difficult for me to get this achievement,I made a manual for people like me.(As well as solving a bug with a sight)


What to do if you have a sight bug
If you don't have a scope in duck shooting,then press F11, or turn on windowed mode in the settings,this should only be done during the mini-game.

Obtaining an achievement
1.After each stage, we save,and we will definitely save ourselves while Olya comments on our victory,as in this screenshot:
If you do this while you are shooting at ducks,then your save will just break,and every time you try to enter it, the game will crash.

2.If you find it hard to hit the ducks, then every time the duck flies out, press ESC and then move the cursor over the duck,then quickly leave the pause and shoot,about the same as in this screenshot: (The cursor is gone,but I think the essence is clear)

From JohnRoy

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