Warframe: Pharma synthesis on a conventional daub

We use the grafting of abilities with a helminth and a kuva cannon for fast pumping of frames



To farm synthesis, we need:
1. Nyukor Kuva with the next build:
2. Open worm room with Thermal Rift grafting option (from Gauss)
3. Mana Regen: Zenurik or mystical charge, and even better, and that

Implantation and use

1. Grafting Thermal Rift, best in configuration B or C, in the first slot of the ability, then the grafted ability will be pumped faster:
2. While Low Rank Thermal Rift, he will not mow down the ranks of opponents with two blows, so at least until 7 synthesis level will have to be mined by nykor, although the ability to reap do not hesitate
3. Playing from Thermal Rift, maximize the area, energy efficiency, for the remainder of the force, although you can pump a little duration:
4. In the game, we use the first ability with a long press(the fire) using ice for a combination explosion is not recommended, then the ability jams up a little, besides, it does not remove armor, since the ability is grafted
5. Rejoicing in the flow of synthesis:

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