Warframe: Basic mission types for beginners

In this guide, I will cover all types of missions.



Missions are the main components in the game. One to four players can participate in them at the same time, to reach the goal (goals) and get a reward.

  • PvE missions are accessed through the Star Map. PvP is accessed through the Teshin Conclave. Star Chart and Conclave available in Orbiter and Relay.
  • The in-game zone in missions is randomly generated each time using typical rooms and halls for the location, with some chance of a hostile environment.
  • Each mission usually contains representatives of one faction, if there are more (eg, at the Skirmish), then they will fight each other.

Normal mission information window:

  • The type of location on which the mission will take place.
  • Name on the Star Chart.
  • Mission type: Survival, Stripping, Espionage, etc.. d.
  • Fraction – Enemy faction: Greens, Frame, Infected, etc.. d.
  • Level – Enemy level range on mission. In endless missions, it rises with new rounds.
  • Detachments – Number of squads of players online (in the detachment from 1 to 4 human) who are currently undergoing this mission.

The main types of missions

  • Survival- – mission, whose purpose – hold out as long as possible against constantly arriving enemies.

    After activating the control panel, the oxygen supply begins to decrease, which can be replenished in two ways:

    • Life support capsules, which periodically appear on the map,and at
      use restore 30% oxygen reserve.
    • Personal life support capsules, that fall from enemies when they die with
      probability of about 15% and restores 5% oxygen reserve.

    You can leave the mission only after 5 minutes after the start. The reward increases in the same way as the rewards for endless defense, but instead of waves, here the threshold is a 5-minute interval.

  • Capture-
    Capture – mission, the purpose of which is to find and capture an enemy operative. To be able to capture, the target must be caught up and neutralized.
  • Stripping-
    mission, whose purpose – destruction of a certain number of enemies. The number of enemies remaining is indicated by a counter under the mini-map.
  • Mobile defense-
    mission, whose purpose – deliver the data block to the terminals and protect the terminals themselves for a certain time.
    Present on mission 3 data terminal, each of which needs to be protected for a little more 1 minutes, depending on the complexity of the mission.
  • Defense-
    mission, whose purpose – protecting a specific object from waves of enemies. The wave is considered passed, if all spawned enemies are dead.
  • Interception-
    mission, where the main goal is to keep control 4 points on the map :Alpha (BUT), Well done (B), Charlie (C), Delta (D). That side wins, which will capture the enemy's data faster (progress gauge before 100%). Initially all 4 the towers belong to the enemy, scoring will begin after you capture the first tower.
  • Excavations-
    mission, the purpose of which is to extract a special resource – Cryotic Cryotic and get additional rewards using excavators.
    After appearing on the mission, you need to head to the excavator drop point, marked with a yellow circle. Crossing this circle causes the excavator to be dropped to the ground., immediately starting excavations.
    With each successfully completed excavation, a reward is awarded and a certain amount of cryotic is given. Also, the complexity of the mission increases – the level of enemies increases and new types of them appear. Excavator marked on the radar with the icon Excavator radar png version.png.
    The excavator is gradually consuming energy and requires additional recharging, which is carried out through the use of power cells, carried by special enemies – Energy transporters. After killing Energy Transporter, the cell can be picked up and carried to the excavator for replenishment.
  • The rescue-
    this is a mission, the purpose of which is to free the hostage, while avoiding detection by the Overseers. As a reward for completing the player receives one of the four blueprints of the Spectrum.
  • Murder-
    mission, whose purpose – destruction of the Boss or a specific empowered enemy. The killed often drop blueprints and rare resources.
  • Espionage-
    In an espionage mission, players must search for consoles, located in data warehouses, which are special rooms with enhanced security and advanced protective systems, guarding consoles. Each mission has three separate data stores, all three, or at least two, from which to find and try to hack, to make evacuation available. Players must break into the data warehouse, and then hack the access console to, to fetch data. If Tenno is detected by defensive systems or an enemy triggers an alarm in the datastore, defense mechanisms are activated and enemy reinforcements arrive, and also a countdown timer is activated

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