Warframe: The basics of adapting for Tenno green tomatoes

Why all this? I do not know, but why not try to write your first oversight. They will be the same, like others, so that, do not hope for something new and this is exclusively for beginners in the game. I do not “about” the player is accurate and I will not be able to tell all the subtleties of the game, how to sit without work and sweat for hours in endless missions and cause a million damage.



so, you were shown the first video and after that you are suddenly in a stupor and ask yourself:”Whom to choose? Who is more useful?”.

All oldies and experienced players answer this question differently.: someone drowns behind Excalibur, Volt is closer to someone, but for someone Meg is stronger. Excalibur has been the most versatile and easier to learn since the release of the game.. (pretty good option) Volt, IMHO, of the amateur, but if you liked it externally more or the element of electricity is close – take. Mag is quite a powerful warframe and will help you in your endeavors. Especially in shield regeneration, and this + to some kind of survival.

The second option is the easiest and most fun – take, who do you want and who do you like best. Don't get hung up on the choice, because all three warframes are easily knocked out and, most likely, you can craft yourself a new warframe in a couple of days!

Take your weapons in your own way, but I would recommend taking a scan, because then you still need to craft, rather than mk-1 weapons.

Goals of the game start.

You stole some ship and don't understand, what's happening, what to do with this ship, anyway, what's going on here?

To start, you need to fulfill the conditions of the quest. They are written in the upper right panel of the star map.. One of the methods, how can I open the map: esc – star map.

If you have completed the quest and do not know everything, things to do, where to go, what is required of you and why the game is so bad for beginners. I would like to warn in advance, what in situations, when the player does not know how to set goals in the game – it will be difficult for such a player to play this game. You do not like, what the game does not decide for you, don't like farming / grind, you are afraid of being left without endgame and you are scared / injected into the trigger by any hints of spending money – this is not for you, but no one forbids trying, right? Suddenly you, despite the cons, she will like something.

Ah, Yes, do not waste platinum quickly and what catches your eye, it will be very useful to you and, possibly, without it, you can stand for a long time. Spend exclusively on Warframe and Weapon Slots.

Actually, pro donat – him here, you can say, not. You donate only of your own free will. You can earn currency yourself by trading with players. Many newbies are scared anyway and leave the game., when it's not so scary.

So, what is the purpose of the game and what should you do in your endeavors? Open nodes and complete quests, what will you be given. Not everything is possible at once, here is a list of the main quests:

Thief Prize
After Awakening
Howl Kubrow
Stolen Dreams
New Riddles
Second Dream

Like this, on hover, conditions are shown:

If you cannot complete some mission, then you can contact the recruiting chat. They often help and respond to help.. Either bypass the mission if possible, until you're ready to go.

Warframes, weapons, guardians, companions.

Private question for beginners – what to craft from warframes, weapons and stuff. Some will say “everything”, but let's look at your desire, position and desires. Do not want to spend a lot of resources at a time and treat it very economically, limiting yourself from lack of resources, then look by that, what is enough for you and how difficult it is to get resources. On the other hand, sooner or later you will have to craft everything, while striving for the maximum rank of the account mastery.

Cheap Warframes are located right at the bosses of the star system, such as the:


There is also Misa, Atlas, Sarina, Trinity, Equinox, Visp, but they can be a little awkward for a beginner solo.

Also, some warframes are kept in dojo laboratories., they can also be crafted:


Choose one, who do you like and who will help you more in completing missions. My personal recommendations in endeavors: Rhino, Valkyrie, Loki, Vukong. They are the easiest to begin with..

Advice: the game also has a prime version of warframes, they have slightly improved characteristics and model change. Having the opportunity to get the prime version – waste molds and orokin reactor, first of all, they. In the prime version, the weapon no longer works like that, characteristics of prime and regular, at times, painfully different – somewhere more status, somewhere crit, etc..

Weapons are not that simple, how can it seem, because there are a lot of restrictions on rank. Especially with good weapons. Banal choice:

The main:
Paris (I recommend the prime version, she is always available, for knocking out)


Gazal Machete (access to dojo laboratories)
Guangdao (access to dojo laboratories)
Twin Zorens

I picked up weapons in the limit of up to 5 skill rank, consider this.

Let's move on to the guards. Let's call them flying drones., what can help you in missions. I will name a couple, that they will be more or less accessible and useful in endeavors:

Carrier – converts pickup ammo to current weapon ammo.
Helios – scans objects and mobs for you, having scanners with you.
Shade – leads you into invisibility for a while or until you move from the place. Not really recommend, because his skill does not always work and at the wrong moments, there is a better alternative.

Companions of Kavata / Kubrow or cats / dogs. Their plus – there is a chance to revive, while he bleeds, what the guards can envy. Basically, beginners have access to more kubrow and they all can be useful in some way.:

Raksa Kubrau – replenishes the master's shields. Once very much helped and saved, that I can not leave her without attention.
Huras Kubrau – hides himself and his master in invisibility.
Chesa Kubrau – can dig with 45%, from corpses or boxes, additional subject (resource, cartridges, energy, hp, credits)
Sahasa – improved version of Chasy, from 270% a chance of success and digs up without the conditions for the presence of a corpse / box.

Kawats are not so accessible to a beginner, as much as I would like, but which one should strive for:

Smith – can give energy buff, shields, rare resource, crit damage and, especially, of baff synthesis (multiplying resource acquisition, synthesis when pumping equipment / focus)
Adarza – increased crit damage to everyone in the squad, in radius 25 meters
Vaska – has the ability to raise the owner, when he bleeds
Vulpafila – can respawn every 30 sec after death.

For more comfort, follow and follow the meta in the game until then, until you feel free to play, in terms of damage.

What is a clan / dojo and what is it eaten with.

Clan – a place, to unite players. And don't say, that even for a joint game. For the most part, many need it for the sake of those very parts of the warframes, weapons in the dojo laboratory.

We have four outcomes of events: join a tube clan for you with communication and the desire to constantly find yourself a party, join a large clan, create your own clan or not join and not create at all.

If everything is clear with the first, then the rest is not very good and there are nuances and disadvantages.

Large clan.
I would not like to speak for all such clans, but I will speak exclusively from the ru-segment of the game and the more popular (obsessive) clans. Why are there almost no pluses: often, you are forced to follow inadequate rules there, limitations in copying laboratory drawings, possible extortion of money, make you perform events and they do not care about your inability to fulfill the norm / request, obsessive and meaningless requests to enter the discord server, team spik, raid call. And there are also a lot of inadequacies., toxic people. Especially moderators and creators of such clans. Love inadequate and toxic, then, probably, ideal place for you, but don't hope, what can you do there “their” embrace, because you can be kicked out of the clan at any time, Without explaning the reason, even fulfilling all the conditions of the clan and kissing one place to the local “the king”. Strictly bypass those clans, fighting discord, that you are urged to download a file. There were cases, by stories, that because of the file the discord could not start later, until you reinstall Windows.

Own clan.
Not a good idea for a beginner, since you will not have enough resources either there, neither here. Recommend, to start, try to join someone, and then, how will the extra resources be, start creating your clan. There are no particular cons, apart from the desire to receive trophies in the event, not a small amount of investment of resources. pros – no one tells you, the dojo is always at your disposal, there is no limit in creativity, own glyph, the ability to help newbies, giving access to weapons.
Actually, about creativity: it is here, you can equip the dojo rooms and decorate them, sometimes making incredible and very beautiful premises. Who knows, can, your clan will even be included in the list of popular dojos and many players will come to see you? 😉

Play without joining a clan.
I don't quite understand such ideas, I don't see any advantages in such an undertaking. Often those, who takes this position, practice the following: join the clan, copy drawings and instantly leave the clan. Or they buy ready-made weapons for platinum and it doesn't make them cold, not hot, without entering somewhere.

It is advisable to stick to the first option., because it is much more interesting and enjoyable to play in a pleasant company, and save more resources at the beginning.

Orokin reactors, Catalysts, Forms.

In simple words – Orokin catalyst and reactor double capacity, from which you can get more mods into the build. Sooner or later you will have to plug the first reactor and catalyst into someone or something., but I advise you not to insert into your not favorite warframe, weapon, you don't want to run with. AND, at first, you need to choose very carefully, because there are not so many opportunities to get extra catalysts!

Receiving: can be rewarded for performing intrusions, alarm signal, sortie, Trust Purchase from Nora Nora, purchase for platinum. Less often for watching developers' stream in the twitch channel.

Form – creates or changes polarity in a build. By matching the mod with the correct polarity, can reduce the cost of capacity consumption, and if vice versa – will increase. By the way, with polarization, level resets to 0, need to re-download equipment.

Receiving: alarms, invasion, sortie, rare container, purchase for platinum (does not apply to all types of forms). Less often event rewards, developers stream.

Night Burrow.

Night Burrow, perhaps, the only place, where you can get the Orokin reactor almost at any time, catalyst and other delights.

What should a beginner do, to get treasured items from her store? Complete all tasks, which you are able to accomplish. Everything you fail in the beginning, since there are those, that they are limited due to not completing some quest or simply you might not have matured yet. You get points for completing. Beyond 10k, your level rises and you are given resources, subjects, as an encouragement, but it is more important for us to get, first of all, Nora's trust – currency in her store. And do not be lazy to have time to pump up to 30 level, to take all the rewards, for there are also delicious forms, catalysts, reactors!

Advice: If you see missions to kill / capture Hydrolist, Spheres, then I do not recommend to shake the nerves of random, who come for the best result and do not want to see a beginner, which will fall from a sneeze. It will be easier to try to ask for help in the chat., maybe you will be lucky and they will do everything for you without difficulty.

What to get in the store from Nora first of all: Nitain (needed for crafting), Reactor and Catalyst (improvement), Aura Mods – Rejuvenation, Corrosive release, Energy source, Accurate shooter, Steel Onslaught, Amplifier: Rifle, Amplifier: Pistol.

Take, Then, everything, what is. Who knows, can, then it will be needed for you.


Now pumping equipment. At the beginning of the game, it is not necessary to think too much about this., but, let's say, you have a desire to upgrade your account ranks, in order to get the desired warframe, weapon.

The first, what would I advise, buy such weapons for credits, as:

Mk-1 Brayton (given that, that it was not downloaded from you or you did not take it at the beginning of the game)
Mk-1 Paris (given that, that it was not downloaded from you or you did not take it at the beginning of the game)
Mk-Stran (given that, that it was not downloaded from you or you did not take it at the beginning of the game)
Mk-1 Furis (given that, that it was not downloaded from you or you did not take it at the beginning of the game)
Mk-1 Kunai (given that, that it was not downloaded from you or you did not take it at the beginning of the game)
Mk-1 Bo (given that, that it was not downloaded from you or you did not take it at the beginning of the game)
mk-1 Furax (given that, that it was not downloaded from you or you did not take it at the beginning of the game)

Pumping up to 30 rank you can safely sell, since you are unlikely to need them, and if so, then you don't even need to craft them.

Where is the greatest efficiency in pumping: Saturn defense Helene, Hydron defense sat down, Sanctuary Massacre. For profitable pumping, it can be combined with farming in the gaps of the abyss – and upnet levels, and collect prime things.

There is one more place for solo pumping, but it is not so fast sometimes, than go in a trailer to the above places: Uranus spying Rosalind. The only place, noticed by me, where possible for 3-4 minutes to get more synthesis, rather than other fast places. The first visits can be long, to automatism, but, IMHO, the locations are beautiful and the espionage is very easy. It is not recommended to download warframes there, only weapons.
For close combat and one-shot sniper, you can go Ivara, Equinox, Loki, Octavia, Baruuk, Work, and swing with the counter of hidden murders in Sedna Adaro.

Also, sometimes catch people in the chat., who is ready to take newcomers to their party for pumping or you can also try to ask for help.

And don't forget, don't go far from the party, otherwise nothing will be pumped, while someone kills someone or you will not give them experience. For easy orientation, by standard settings, the list of players appears at the top right on the Z button. The highlighted in yellow shows the synthesis icon, which one should be guided by.

Also try not to stand in one place for a long time., especially, afk, otherwise synthesis and resources will not go to you. Move more and try to kill mobs somehow, after all, so more and faster experience drips. To pump the warframe faster – kill them / her, weapon – weapon. It is advisable to do this as carefully., if you do not want to fall often and disturb people. Died – wait, while they lift you, do not waste some of the synthesis once again, as well as the possibility of revival.

And I'll prepare a little list of weapons, which are not advised to buy and pump right away, for economical players, who does not want to spend a lot of resources in endeavors:

Plasmor Arch
Mutalist Quantum
Probosc Kernunn
Arch of Skisko
Rogg's steam room
Paired Toxocysts
Paired Cestras
Twin Commack
And Brant
Jat Kittag
Jat Kusar
Dragon Nikana
Silva and Aegis
Dark double-bladed sword

Farm: Resource mining, endo, credits, relics, Kuva.

Everything, may be, couldn't be easier: run, explore, break the boxes, yes open all the lockers, but many may not understand, what resource and where can you get.

Opening the star map, poke the planet, click on the bottom right on “resource collectors”, in order to remove the Night Burrow panel and get the coveted another panel, see a list of possible resources of the desired planet, hover over the extractor icon and get the desired list.

We go to any mission, but, desirable, to dark sectors and endless missions – survival, defense.

By the way, you can install the same extractors on the planets. Their blueprint is bought in the store., crafts, and put. They passively mine resources, you just need to pull it out and put it back. be careful, they also sometimes need to be allowed to stand, replenishing their health. Craft a few at a time, the maximum can be set 3 extractor.

How can you improve the efficiency and profitability of farming?.
Let's start with warframes, because with the help of their skills, you can get additional loot:

Necros – 3 skill “desecration”, prepare augment mod “Deprivation”, purchase from players or buy from syndicate for points.
Bark – 4 (preferably more 1 skill, or you will kill mobs with weapons), prepare augment mod “Thief Choke Dome”, “Reinforcing Clawlash” (given that, that you will kill mobs with 1 skill). Purchased from players or syndicate for points.
Hydroid – 4 skill, prepare augment mod “Stealing tentacles”. Purchased from players or syndicate for points.

It is advisable to farm not solo, because the more people in the party, the more there is a flow and the number of mobs, but, means, more loot, how will it be easier to stand.

You can collect the necessary warframes in a party and stand in the room. Mostly Cora / Nekros / Nova / Banshee / Trinity / Vauban / Hydroid. Try and you take someone from the necessary warframes and score, after all, not everyone wants to take freeloaders for farming. Same, very important, when you agree to stand in a room or hall – do not run far from the party and do not run, as you like. Run away – break the spawn of mobs and farm will be ineffective!

Even more efficient only in steel track, but for beginners this mode is not available there either, desirable, take experienced Cora, Banshi, and ask them to enable this mode, because the levels are big, mobs are fat.

Finished with resources, but what to do with loans, not enough for everything about everything. At the initial stage, we go into the defense of the dark sector of Ceres, stand 5 waves and get 20-25k credits.

purpose – reach the index and get 250k credits per round. Nobody forbids the same to help with the farm of someone's credits. It is faster and more efficient to farm credits only from the profit sphere: 3-12 minutes (depends on skill and knowledge, how to kill a sphere) 250to loans.

We also sell duplicate drawings (not prime), for loans. During a long game, they can accumulate and help you a little.

Endo is harder, but really.
Arena – place for mining. Per round 100-1k endo, 3-6 minutes. I do not recommend this place, since you will quickly get bored with it and the result is not very impressive.
Arbitration – as for me, ideal place for endo mining, and not only, by melting sculptures, that there can fall for a reward.
Buying sculptures from players – easy, but not a cheap way. You have enough platinum and it is not a burden for you to get more platinum, that is, possibly, your great option.
Melting duplicate mods to endo – same, as with duplicate drawings, can be melted, but in endo. Will save for a while, a little.

Can be obtained for orders of open locations, survival, defense, collection, glitch, excavations, any Abyss mission, defectors, espionage, buy from syndicates, buying from players.

More profitable way: Abyss missions (fast or endless), glitch, purchase from unions.

The exact drops of the required relics can be viewed in the game codex or on the wiki.

Relics, by the way, you can save too, without spending everything at once, so you will always be with them and there will be no goal to farm yet, to knock out the damn uniform or prime clothes for ducats. 🙂

Do not forget, sometimes you can get boosters for credits, resources, synthesis. Use as many of them, as much as you can, because they are temporary. And buy them, when the server booster is active, multipliers stack with the shop.

There will be small spoilers further.. If you haven't gone through the Second Dream and the War Within, I advise you not to continue reading.

Kuva you may need, primarily, for crafting some things. We run on the mission of absorbing kuva and get for the mission 600-1200 Kuva. On condition, that you found an absorber and did not let him absorb it.

so, you met the kuva devourer, but you don't understand, how to prevent him from devouring him.
We leave the operator
Find by sound or dark red “to the fog” chase, strike with the blow of the abyss (of E), a jerk of the abyss (Ctrl + Space), or we hit the operator with a weapon. Usually the absorber also shows, Which direction does Kuva go?, but there are bugs and it is not always necessary for him to navigate.

Kuva can also be obtained in the Kuva fortress location, survival. Instead of air capsules, you extract the kuva itself from them..

You can also buy at Nora's shop, in the shop for the essence of the Arbiters of Hexis, Of the Steel Way at Teshin.


The game has 15 syndicates. First, let's look at the main and main syndicates., where do such interesting fashion augments come from, cindy cannons and a set of relics.

How to choose a syndicate and how to download them? Or the top three, or three lower, for a quiet farm. Arbiters of Hexis, Steel Meridian, Cephalon Souda or Red Veil, Novaya Loka, Perrin's followers.

I advise you to choose the one, what will be beneficial in the beginning for augment mods. You can change syndicates and upgrade others at any time, ending in those, who is closer to you in style, etc.. Buy out everything if you want to change syndicates, what is there.

When joining a syndicate, equip a syndicate sigil on a warframe, so that you get points while completing missions. Appearance – Regalia – Frontal or Rear Sigil. Two Syndicate Signals cannot be equipped at the same time. Points will only drop on two allied syndicates, the third syndicate is neutral and will need, to start, so boost your reputation, until the syndicate missions open to you.

Trade union missions.
They are in the star map, top right panel. They can give on a day 3 missions to each syndicate. By doing them, you are given syndicate points and you can also find medallions, which can be exchanged for syndicate reputation.

To facilitate and speed up the search for medallions, I recommend using mods, on resource indicators, boxes, which will show on the mini-map. Most often in a guard or companion – animal instinct. If you don't have this mod, loot detector can be used, Thief's Sense. disassemble and select everything, what is shown on the mini-map and find the medallions, who are begging for X, like the stars and sculptures ayatans. Try to jump higher, because there can be stuffs and secrets, which you do not know about, and the detector will show you, that somewhere else there are boxes or medallions.

From the must-have warframes to Zaku, Limbo, since with their skills you don't need to manually break everything and all that remains is to run, pick up. On a survival mission, I take Nova to accelerate, so as not to be left without mobs at all and oxygen, running from hall to hall.

At maximum reputation, you will be asked to increase the rank of the sidicat, I will unlock new ones with each rank, tasty things.

What to borrow from syndicates: augment fashion and gun parts (situational, when not in a hurry to change the syndicate, or take everything, what is), relic set, syndicate arms.

Now let's move on to the syndicate of open locations. There is no need to take their sigils with you.. Just running, we carry out orders and get points.

I don't like fulfilling orders? Not scary. We earn for the first harpoon (each open location has its own, we take this into account), traquilizer, drill and we run to fish, get stones, exchanging them for reputation, or I hunt animals.

Syndicate Feathers, Voice Solaris, Necroloid swing only for the exchange of cores, toroid, matrices. There is not much choice and there are no exits.

And the Children of Trumpets syndicate only swing by doing races, riding a k-drive.

Cephalon Simeris – we take an order for scanning a target in a relay. Looking for goals, scan and get points for it. You can also scan everything, what you see and get for it too, what no, glasses. Just take, desirable, improvements for the synthesis scanner for scanning speed, endless scanner, double scan.


If you wish to obtain platinum through trade, to start, enable double authentication, otherwise, without it, they will not be allowed to trade and you may find yourself in an awkward position, about trying to sell / buy something.

Accumulate just enough credits, because the commission is charged for trading. And every dojo has its own tax, consider this.

Trade, probably, the most exciting process for beginners and difficult, as there may be uncertainties or despair to sell something, but it's not that scary, how it might seem at first glance.

So, how can you earn platinum? Actually, there is a lot, what can be sold: prime trash, full prime sets, weapons ghost / prism with invasions / orders, arms syndicate, fashion, fault modes, sculpture ayatans,relics, lychee, fish, stones, hoaxers. Simply put everything, what can be conveyed.

For a more comfortable sale, I highly recommend using the Warframe market website. (in useful links). There you will see the prices of the items and you can list the item for sale.. Saves a lot of time, forces and you can play in parallel, waiting for a buyer. Registration is not difficult, just follow the conditions, a letter is sent to the bot and it gives you access to place orders. You can also find buyers through the trade chat, but in that case, when you learn the intricacies of the huckster's way and you are not lazy, more interesting, sell this way.

What can and should be bargaining for a beginner?
Prime trash, one of the options, but, IMHO, not very profitable. I'd rather leave him, as a desperate option. Knock out prime things from relics. Gold items will cost more and are bought more often, rather than bronze and silver. don't dare sell items from prime storage, they may cost more, what can you sell to someone!

Full sets prime one of the best sales, but only the present, “canned”, sets from storage. Then, that you cannot knock out freely to anyone and at any time. The longer the warframe / weapon / guard is infused, without temporary access to players, the higher the prices for it will be. For instance, at the time of writing, full Loki prime can be sold for 500-700 platinum. Not bad, whether it is not true?

You don't have to sell full sets, you can also separate parts, they can also be taken.

A little trick for economical people who prefer more profit: collecting a party of shining relics, or find a constant party, with the same goals in humans, and we go exclusively with shimmers. So you have a better chance of getting gold drop or silver. Minus – with this approach, echoes of the abyss will need to be knocked out separately in solo mode, so as not to interfere with random people knocking out prime things.

Orokin vault mods, in Deimos. We take the keys, what are in the dojo, Orokin Laboratory, craft, equip, we run to clean up or capture and look for just such a door.

You open, pick up in the center of the mod and head to the exit / complete the mission goal.

To make it easier, take an Inviser or something, who is able to withstand a lot of damage or has immortality.

From there I can fall out of fashion, such as the:
Fleeting mastery
Simplified thinking
Short-term amplification
Blind fury
Increase Caliber
Zdodey Acceleration

All of them can be sold from 20-120 platinum. Depends on, what mod and what rank. Sell, desirable, duplicates, because you will need these mods in builds too.

Eris Beehive Crate Electricity Mods. Run and find lockers like this. All three, otherwise there won't even be a chance.

Fashion, which may fall:
High voltage
40-70 platinum.

Invasion weapons, syndicates, orders – 30-140 platinum.

Lychee and Sisters – the price depends on the presence of the ephemera, as well as its rarities, and percentage of weapon status. From 50 platinum.

Stones and fish – 1-2 platinum piece.

Every 2 of the week comes the merchant of the abyss Baro in the relay. You can buy mods from him, relics, weapons, which can also be sold.

Mods from mode “nightmare”, but I will single out one mod – powerful shot. You can sell it from 50 platinum.

Same, if you are a good architect, you can earn platinum for building and decorating a customer's dojo, that even quite unusual earnings.

Not everything can be sold quickly, Alas. Stones and fish even more. Here is patience or adjust to more demand.

Birth of a disguise / sister.

AND, here, you got to that point, that you wanted some vaunted Kuva gun and you don't know, how and where to get. I'll tell you right away, if you are not ready for 120 levels, then, desirable, bypass for now. Ready? Then let's start preparing.

Actually, preparation can be started even after, how was the leach born, only you will care, that he / she is taking your resources, fashion, things from mission progress.

We need requiem mods, which will need to be studied later, combine, to kill / enslave the Lich. To get these mods, we run in Kuva absorption missions and carry out missions from there. By the way, it is not necessary to take the kuva itself, you can make a mission goal and escape, the relic will still fall for you, only kuva is never superfluous.

Total relics 4, each of them contains 2 fashion: Wow, Jahu, Xeta, Lok, Reese, Fez, Khra, Netra. All of them will be useful to us if not on this face, then on the next one for sure. Opening relics in the gaps of the abyss, Kuva fortresses. There is also a mod “Village”, it can replace any other mod, and it can save you time, or replace mod, which you don't have. Only fits into one slot, like other mods.

Requiem mods have charges, they are not endless. One mod is enough for you 3 licha, the charge is spent in the pre-final, guessing all the mods and their order.

If the mods are ready, we proceed to the birth of a lich. Decide in advance for yourself, what weapon would you like to receive first and with what elemental damage. Elemental damage is picked up at the expense of the equipped warframe:
Radiation: Garuda, Loki, Mirage, Knicks, Octavia, Equinox Ash.
Toxin: Atlas, Ivara, Bark, Necros, Nidus, Oberon, Sarina.
Electricity: Banshi, Valkyrie, Volt, Limbo, New, Excalibur.
Magnet: Hydroid, Zaku, Lavos, Mass, Meg Harrow, Yareli.
the fire: Visp, Voban, Inaros, Necja, Proteus, Chrome, Amber.
Cold: Gara, Revenant, Titania, Trinity, Frost, Hildrin.
Hit: Baruuk, Vukong, Gauss, Grendel, Marshmallow, Rhino, Sevagot.

We run on fast missions, by type of stripping, capture, sabotage and rescue. You will see a flashing screen, annihilate everything, what do you see and quickly. Then the goal appears, I carry a strip of hp, he falls to his knees and stares, what weapon will the lich be. If you don't like, then we skip and do not touch it, Like – clamp X.

You can start learning mods. As soon as your Lich was born, it occupies a certain planet and territory. They are marked with a red spot on the star map.. Go there, complete missions and try to kill his minions with parazone as much as possible. They are marked with a target. For killing them, you are given a whisper – progress in learning one of the mods, for combination. They can also drop Requiem relics, little chance.

You can welcome Leach to visit, when you piss him off or random, which is very rare. The rage bar can be seen in his profile., like all its other characteristics. Lichs can also have an unpleasant quirk.:

Deserter – may leave the mission unexpectedly. With him it is desirable, do not hesitate, when comes on a mission.

So, when the lich came, you have a choice: take maximum whisper or not poke it, without raising his level. The first: you do not immediately attempt to poke the parazone into it and force it to spawn more of its minions. As soon as he stops spawning them, he is stuck or doesn't want to do anything – remove the first scale of hp and poke at X. Second: you can also force him to max out the minions, but don't try to poke him. Just take off 3 xn times and he himself will run away. For, even a disastrous, a whisper can give a poke in the lich, but its level will rise, a new territory will open, and he himself will become fatter.

As soon as you open the first mod, you can put it in the parazone and watch, whether it is in the first slot of the combination.

Examined all three? Equip and try it. When studying all three, you can aggro him.. How will he come – rush, peel off the strips and poke. With a successful combination, the lich escapes to the proxima, complete murder and enslavement only there.

AND, here, you plugged him to death, finally he surrendered to you, got down on one knee, the cherished moment has come, when you are given a choice – enslave or destroy. In enslavement, you are not given a weapon, but give back all the stolen things, the ability to sell it to other players, resources, in the presence of the lich and his ephemera. Can come to you on a mission or take on board your Railjack. Murder – gives everything, that he has, except for your body. The killed will not come to you, cannot be invited on board, and it will not be possible to sell it either. Having made your choice, all resources will be returned after the end of the mission, like his ephemera, weapon.

Sisters of Parvos.

With sisters, the process is almost the same., but the conditions of the birth are different.

Swift birth will be in the capture of Pluto Hydra. Finding a golden hand, better before capturing the target or further from the evacuation point, otherwise the desired mob may not come. Activate the hand, making sure, that there are no mobs nearby / killed, we give the crown to Zenith and enters the Abyss of Parvos. We kill local mobs from 25 – that much will be enough, so that the goal appears. How the counter ended, killed by 25 mobs, we will run away to the target of capture or evacuation, capture the target and, then, there should be a second, desired target. Remove the xn strip and hold down X. Now you have a sister!

Have with you, at least, one crown Zenith – it drops from a special mob, what can appear in corps missions, with updated ships, level 30+. We kill him and take away the cherished crown.

The hassle began, receiving a whisper. By the way, whispering here is given faster and more dexterously, than liches. If you do not want to hear the cry from the random, what are some random pi… terrible people, that they don't want to poke their liches right away, giving everyone a whisper, then you can find out at least the first mod in solo and, with peace of mind, go to public. Ready immediately, without even studying the first mod, try to poke – do not worry then and boldly go to the public. Whispering goes faster with random, so that, do not miss the chance.

The mechanics are still the same: learning fashion and trying order. Don't forget to insert aul mod, he also gives a whisper and can save you time, when they didn't have time to find out 3 mod.

With a successful guess of the order of the mods, sister leaves for Proxima Neptune. We fulfill the conditions and enter the ship, where little sister has already been waiting for us. We do our job and you can take on a new one. 🙂

For killing a lich and sisters can give “Ultimate Requiem” – summons a lich / sister on a mission, if you do not want to wait for their arrival. They are not endless, spent on use 1 thing. Recommended for use on lichs, since the sisters often come to visit.

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