Team Fortress 2: Engineer class guide

Team Fortress Engineer Guide 2


Engineer is a tactical class, playing for him most of all you need to think over, where to place the turret, so that it shoots through most of the area, and she herself was as less vulnerable as possible. Playing as an engineer, you can get yourself a lot of frags with one cannon.

Engineer Items
The shotgun is a useful and useful weapon, if the engineer moves around the map without covering the cannon (went for metal, let's say), a shotgun must always be in hand.

Pistol - less effective at close range, than a shotgun, but from it you can inflict damage on enemies that are far away, as far as the shotgun does not get.

Key - serves for repairing and pumping buildings.

Two PDAs - one for building, another for demolition.

And further 1 important subject, which the engineer does not carry in his hands - metal, this is a VERY important subject, serves for construction, repairs and upgrades of structures (maximum number. metal – 200).

Engineer fighting each class
Scout - This class can cause damage, only if there is no cannon nearby. For a cannon, this class is almost not dangerous, only if he shoots her from afar with a pistol. If you run into him with no cannon cover, get your shotgun and try to hit it as accurately as possible (he doesn't have many lives).

Soldier - quite dangerous as an engineer, so for his cannon. Can smash a cannon from afar with rockets, if he goes under the uber it will be dangerous too. If you meet him without cannon cover, take out a shotgun and shoot at him, slowly walking away to the cannon or to teammates.

Pyro - dangerous under the uber, and without it, it can do little harm to the gun. If you encounter this class without a cannon cover, try to escape as quickly as possible., or to the rifle, or to teammates. It's pointless to stand and shoot back, because. in such fights, in most cases, the pyro wins.

Demoman is a dangerous enough class for an engineer. Can throw grenades from afar or mine an area near buildings. If you meet this class without cannon cover, take out a shotgun and try to hit it, if you see that the demoman is starting to win, step back.

Heavy is dangerous, when the medic is with him, especially under the uber. If you encounter this class without cannon cover, retreat, it's pointless to fight him, because he has several times more health, than an engineer. If Heavy shoots at your cannon, try to hide behind it and fix it, to repair, to repair.

Engineer - dangerous only when you meet without the cover of the gun, in this case, the chances of winning depend only on the experience and the amount of hp.

Medic is not a dangerous class. Meeting him with no cannon cover, try to hit him with either a shotgun or a key and slowly move away.

Sniper - can destroy buildings from afar. When meeting without a cannon cover, try not to get close, so that he does not hit with a machete and shoot him as accurately as possible.

Spy is the greatest enemy of engineers. The bug first disables the cannon, and then slowly destroys it. If you see that the spy has put a bug on your cannon, remove it, if it happens again, kill the junction (If you, of course, know who he is :)). When you meet him without cannon cover try to hit him with a shotgun and dodge his revolver.

Building the base 3 level
If there are no sources of iron nearby, then the dispenser is placed first, then a cannon, and then if the base is far from respawn, teleport entrance and exit. Better to put the small cannon first and pump the dispenser to 2 level, then cannon to 3 and dispenser up to 3, and then do teleport.

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