Sea of Thieves: Sunken pearl

The Captain's Diaries “Silver blade”

The first diary is in the first cave behind the collapsed gate boards

The second diary is not far away, go up to the third floor and you will see a statue of a mermaid that stands far from everyone , behind her on a stone lies a diary.

After killing the sirens , open “siren heart” and insert it into the mermaid near the door to the second cave.
Some screenshots are damaged and Steam won't let them through , so in the second cave search every shipwreck , here is an approximate finding of them

After which you will enter a room with a large broken ship , inside it is the last diary.

(THE LAST THREE DIARIES HAVE NO CHRONOLOGICAL SEQUENCE , because. the author's memory is too small)

Collecting the diary , do not rush to leave this room , rising on the stern of the ship in the corner you can find a secret passage where the key to the ship lies (will be needed further)

With this key you can open the cabin in the ship. , lifting spire

I beat the kraken , you will follow the path to the fork and if you go to the right you will find a room with wall recordings , read them completely.


I express my deep gratitude to the person with the nickname imaAlmighty and to his entire crew.!

After going through this story, I have prepared three beautiful screenshots for you.!

From V1zla

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