Sea of Thieves: [Tall Tales] Part 1 – “Pirate Life” (Passing + Achievements + Diaries)

A complete walkthrough for the first part of the new Tall Tales titled “Pirate Life”. Here the focus is on getting all the achievements., collection of all diaries and all secrets.



Estimated time for completing the task – time

After completing this task and collecting all the diaries, you will receive all the achievements and, most importantly, the reward for them. – Sail “Fog and memory” and the damned captain's hat.

After completing only the tasks in the story, you will receive the achievement “Pirate life”

After completing all the tasks and collecting all the diaries, you will fully unlock the achievement “Fog and memory”

The beginning of the story

1. We need to find a hermit, this can be done at any of the outposts. (When you show up, often she will be there)
2. We need to take the first task out of five proposed under the title “Pirate life” (To the right of the hermit near her hut)

3. After a dialogue with the hermit, she will open a portal for you, you need to swim up to it and the cutscene will begin. (You don't need to take anything with you, you won't need resources, the emissary also makes no sense)

Chapter 1

1. After we swim to the portal, the cut-scene will begin. And we will teleport to another location. There we see ships, sailing souls on boats, nothing needs to be done, just watch until we get out of the fog and see the island.
2. Seeing the island and rocks in front of us, we slow down a little so as not to sink the ship because we can crash. After we park and disembark, nothing complicated. We pass forward and enter the cave. (The landmark of the entrance to the cave will be a statue holding a lantern in hand)

Chapter 2

1. After you enter the cave you will see two skeletons sitting by the fire, we get the lantern, add it to the right mouse button and “F” We take a light.
2. Go ahead and see a door and two boats standing on the sides of the door., we bring the lantern with the same manipulations, and now we light the button “R”. Then the door will open.

3. We pass further along the cave and look for lanterns that need to be lit, there will be 3.
– The first one is at the skeleton, which is located a little further from the entrance..

– The second at the seated skeleton under the stone, move our hand away and light the lantern.

– The third to find we need to go to the left of the second downstream, after passing through the tunnel we will find a broken boat and a lantern will fall in it.

4. After the door opens, we go further through the cave and find the ghosts who made a feast.

From them we go to the left through the waterfall and find again a broken boat with a skeleton and take the lever.

With this lever we repair the door and open.

5. We go further along the cave and once again look for lanterns. We go until we come across the first lantern. We light it like the previous ones.

We investigate further the cave until we find an anchor that needs to be scrolled and put a bridge.

Next, we find the fixed rope, to pull and lift the bridge

We pass over the bridge, we go down, go to the end, until we find the next lantern and light it.

Then we wait until the cartoon will take place where it is shown how people are sailing on a boat, and the bridge will lower automatically.

6. Going further we see an abyss and a staircase, you need to climb it, find the rope that holds the bridge and cut it with a saber.

The bridge opened, go ahead and see the mast and the rope, pulling the rope, thereby pulling the mast towards itself, jump on it and wait, after a couple of seconds she will transfer you to the other side.

Next, you need to cut the rope like last time with a blade and go further

After we pass through the cave and go to the next location

Chapter 3

1. We leave the cave and see stone buildings and a locked gate. You need to turn left from them and light the brazier on the dais.
2. Going further, we hear the voice of the captain, and looking up we see the captain sitting in a cage.

3. We need to lower the cage, to do this you need a little parkour.
We start with the ascent to the ship.

Next, we pass along the mast to the front of the ship..

After we jump into the remains of the ship and swim under water, we find ourselves in this place

We go up the elevator and see two platforms, we expose them so as to jump on them to the other side.

We pass along two huge masts to the cage between them, rope blade mode, and drop the cage.

4. Then we are looking for a key that opens this very cell.
He is in the bar behind the ship., where we started our parkour.

In the bar we see a chandelier from which a rope goes to a hill, there we pull the rope and lower the chandelier.

Next, just open the cage and take the captain's head.

IMPORTANT!!! Before proceeding to the second point, you need to take the captain's head to the back of the ship and go to point “Achievements”

5. Now, after completing the supplement, we carry the captain's head to the lighthouse.

Next, we place it on the skeleton at the top of the lighthouse.

And after the dialogue we rise higher to the beam

And light the braziers with the beam. (opposite two braziers and one on a ship with gold, provided that you have moved the sail)

Chapter 4

1. Next, we take the captain's head and, at his request, we carry it to his ship (with red sails)
2. At the door we are met by a headless skeleton, we put his head down, and opening the door.

3. Next, listen to the captain, we pass through the cabin to the exit to the boat, sit down and sail away.

IMPORTANT! Last chance to collect the diaries!

4. The boat needs to go to the ferry, mooring behind, lift the boat and board.

Chapter 5

1. On the ferry, we put fire in the well of fate.
2. We go down into the hold and light a torch near the closed door.

3. Going further across the room we light two more torches. (to ignite the second, need to close the coffin).

4. Go ahead, saving Jack Sparrow, and we go up to the ship.


Next comes a bunch of animations, fighting the flying Dutchman, killing new critters, until Davie Jones sends a wave, which will sway the ferry and throw Captain Sparrow into the water, after which we wait for the ferryman to open the doors and return through them to the world of the living.

Diaries 1

There are two achievements in this chapter in which you need to collect 5 diaries.
1. The Cursed Captain's Diaries in the Sailor's Tomb
2. The Headless Monkey Diaries
Let's start with the first, “The Cursed Captain's Diaries in the Sailor's Tomb”.
All diaries are in the Cursed Captain's grog

– The first diary is in the Cursed Captain's bedroom.

– The second diary is in the first part of the broken ship (You can enter it from behind, with BGN from the entrance to the bar)

– The third diary is in the rooftop ghost bar (to remove the chair)

– The fourth diary is at the top of the lighthouse

– The fifth diary is on the Cursed Captain's ship in his cabin (Ship with red sails)

Further to collect diaries “Headless monkey” we need to go through the section first “Achievements” (See below).
We go through this big and proceed to “Diaries 2”

In the meantime, you have achieved the achievement “Stories of the damned” – Congratulations.


This is necessary in order to get achievements and be able to go to the ship of the headless monkey.. On this we proceed.

1. You need to dig the chest of Dagi the Tornado. He is near the water in the bar, where is the left turn.

2. Next, you need to dig out Dougie himself , he is under the pier. He will talk a lot, but you need to give him a chest after the dialogue, and he will offer to open it.

3. After you take the medallion from the chest, and head to the first part of the wrecked ship, (where we took the second diary, back entrance).
Entering, we see two skeletons sitting at the table, we put on the head of one of them, light a candle.

4. We get the task to bring a drink, she is in a rock behind bars , but on the side there is a hole through which you can go.

5. The next step is pouring the booze, we listen, give a medallion, we listen, and get the key after the captain kills the skeleton. Next, take the key and open the locked ship with gold.

P.S There will be a huge bowl on the ship (seen in the previous screenshot), turn the sails, shine a light from the lighthouse on the bowl and light it. Then run to the beginning and a bridge to the ship of the Headless Monkey will be opened for you.,
IMPORTANT!!! Lootable gold on a locked ship, so take everything.

Diaries 2

Now after we opened and got on the ship, let's start searching for the Headless Monkey Diaries.

– The first diary is on the ship between the flashlight and the mast

– The second lies next to the skeleton at the helm.

– The third is on the normal mast on the ship

– 4th and final 5th, lie in the captain's cabin on a table and a bookshelf


IN. I'm stuck in textures and can't get out.
ABOUT. To solve such an unpleasant but very common problem, you need to re-login to the server. If you are with a friend, then you just find yourself on the ship, if you yourself then appear at the last checkpoint.IN. I missed the diary.
ABOUT. The stories are not difficult, so you need to go through it again

In case of problems, write in the comments, I will gladly answer and add here.


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