Sea of Thieves: Tall Tales “Pirate Life” (Obtaining achievements and diaries)

This guide explains how to get all the achievements in Tall Tales. “Pirate Life”.



This guide describes the passage of the location Strange Shores, from the moment you enter the city. Since up to this point, there is no difficulty in passing this story. In addition, the collection of diaries will be made as the story progresses..

Cursed Captain (1 diary)

We hit the city, at the location Strange Shores. The first thing we need to do is remove the pirate hanging from above.. This shouldn't be a problem., as the ascent route is visible immediately, you climb the stairs to the right, walking on fallen masts, jump into the water inside a part of the ship, take the elevator, jumping on platforms,climb the mast again and chop the rope. The cage with the captain falls down. After that, you need to find the key to the cell. He is in the Tavern. You need to bring down the pirate sitting on the chandelier.

After we took the key to the cage, do not forget to take the first diary , he is on the roof.

Next, we go to the prisoner and open the cage, captain rescued. Until we take it to the lighthouse.

Dagi the wretched (2 diary)

Back to the tavern. We find a table with a map on the second floor. We light a candle. And we get a label on the map.

We go to the received label. Digging in the specified place. Find the Tornado Dagi here, listening to his story.

From the story we get information and go to the captain's cabin.

We go into the cabin, on the left, you need to use a mechanism to move the curtains in the cabin. Then we go up to the second floor., open the door and light all three lanterns there. Don't forget to take the diary, to the right of the captain lying in bed.

After that, we approach the lying captain and interact with his hand, get a label on the map.

We go to the indicated place, and dig up Dagi's treasure chest there.

We return with the chest to the owner, open the chest. We get the treasure that we need for one of the following activities.

Game of chess (3 diary)

Back to the tavern. We go from her to the left.

We go into the room. We leave here the head of the damned captain and Dagi's treasure. We see two skeletons playing chess, we go up and light a candle near them.. Do not forget to pick up the diary from the table.

Next we need alcohol. Go to the place with two platforms.. There is a passage to the rocks.

We jump in there, picking up a bottle of alcohol, open the door. And back to the playing skeletons. Pour alcohol to one of them. Next, we try to put the head of the cursed captain in the place of the head of the previous player. He talks about the rate. Take Dagi's Treasure, we place a bet and put our head in the right place. After winning, we take the key. We will need it for one of the following activities.

Lighthouse (4 diary)

Don't lose your key, if you play alone leave it in the skeleton players room, so as not to lose it. If you play with friends, you can take with you. We need to take the captain's head to the lighthouse. We rise to the very top. Here awaits us 4 diary.

Next, we put the captain's head on one of the sitting skeletons.. He will offer to light the lights with a beacon. We set fire to three fires. We get promotion on the plot.
IMPORTANT: There's another fire on the map, to ignite, turn the lens to the right. And we place the beam like this, as shown in the screenshot below.(beam direction NNE) You will have this brazier hidden behind the sails, fix it in the next section. The main thing is to aim the beam, so as not to run several times.

Take the head captain. And heading to the next section.

hidden treasures (Opening the passage to the headless monkey ship)
Back to the elevator, on which we climbed to the release of the captain from the hanging position. Here we need the key previously obtained from the pirates playing chess.. After taking the elevator. You will see the door.

Opening this door, go inside, collecting gold(optional). After the room with gold we pass further. We fall on the deck of the ship.

There we see a mechanism for turning the sails.. We turn the sails like this, to open access to the beam(which we sent earlier) , to the brazier. Thus, we open the door to the Headless Monkey ship.. We can leave.

Ship Headless Monkey (The Five Diaries of the Headless Monkey)
We return almost to the beginning of the city. We find the passage on the right.

We pass forward, and we find there the ship of the Headless Monkey. There are five diaries here. We go for the key to the captain's cabin and the first diary. On the left we take the diary, select the key on the right.

We select the second diary.

We select the third diary.

Now with the help of the captain's key we get into the cabin, which is here.

In the captain's cabin we take the fourth and fifth diaries.

Here we have collected everything we need and we can go further..

The Cursed Captain's Ship (5 diary)

We carry the head of the accursed captain at his request to his ship with red sails. We put our head on the skeleton at the entrance. The captain opens the door for us to his ship. We pick up the head back. And we carry it inside the ship, to the captain's cabin. Here the fifth diary awaits us.

We select a diary. We put the captain's head on his real body. We take the key that he gives us and go to the door behind him. We sit down there in the boat. And on that note, this guide ends and takes you on a freewheeling journey full of surprises..

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