Sea of Thieves: Tall Tales “Sunken Pearl” (Obtaining achievements and diaries)

This guide explains how to get all the achievements in Tall Tales. “Sunken Pearl”.



This guide describes the walkthrough of the story of the Sunken Pearl.. Collecting diaries will be done as the story progresses.

The beginning of the journey

After going through history “Pirate Life”, we return to the hermit and vote for the task “Sunken pearl”. After we listen to the story, we get from her a book with a route (the book is always with the same destination, square C19). Also we will see a blue ray, showing us the place to sail to. When you get to the light source, just dive from the ship into the water, and float through the wreckage, pointing the way., we find his hold and head into it, pushing debris along the way. Find the key to the captain's cabin in the hold. Return back to the upper deck, to the captain's cabin. Opening the cabin, choosing a compass. Follow the compass to the cave in which the real adventure begins.

First cave (1,2 diaries)

After we hit the cave, kill bottom dwellers and get the heart of a siren, but we are in no hurry to insert it, as we need take the first diary.

Now we need to solve the sculpture puzzle, pay attention to that, what items are in the hands of the sirens. According to the picture, you need to give them the correct position of the hand with the scepter. To change the position of the hand, shoot or hit the desired sculpture.

When to put the combination on the sculptures correctly, you need to hit the siren with a shell horn in your hands. The room will fill with water. And you will see the following figure.

You need to dive towards the sculptures below, and expose that, what you see in the picture. Then hit the siren again with the horn. The room will fill up with water again. And a geyser forms, which will throw you one level higher. Here you will see familiar sculptures again, and this image is on the wall.

Now you don't have to dive anywhere, sculptures are in the same place as you. Do the same with them as in the previous times., but according to the new image. The room will fill up again, water. But don't rush to go up the bone path. A second diary awaits you here. Dive down, and find the diary in the image below.

Now you can go further along the plot. You will need to shoot the luminous coral in the form of a bump, to go through.


When you walk to the next room, you will be offered to take tridents. Listen to what the siren has to say. And the fight will begin. After you have destroyed all the mermaids, siren's heart will fall to you. The compass will show you the way, to the next cave. Here you will need to insert a heart, set up a combination of hand positions for sculptures, and hit the siren with a bugle.

A passage to the next cave will open.

Second cave (3,4,5 diaries)

We swim through the stone gate into the opened room. We are in no hurry to swim further.Here we need to pick up the third diary.

We can sail further, through the passage to the left, where the sirens puzzle awaits again.

But we are in no hurry to solve it, first we will take the fourth diary. You will need to dive down, at the specified location. And find a diary there.

Next, we solve the riddle with the sirens. And we open the gate using the mechanism (by pressing W). We fall into the next room. Where with the help of the mechanism you can lower part of the ship, it rises automatically. You need to get here.

On this part of the ship in the captain's cabin, the fifth diary is located. . Further from this part of the ship you need to go into the tunnel on the right. There you will find a riddle with sculptures. The sirens themselves, the position of the hands that need to be changed, are on your left, you need to shoot them through the window.

But there is no siren with a bugle, therefore, to activate the assembled combination, we return to the place, which was indicated by the arrow in the previous screenshot. And we look to the right. There is a sculpture of a siren with a bugle.

After the room is flooded, we are in no hurry to leave. And we are looking for a passage to a cave that glows red. There we need to pick up the key, “Of the Silver Blade”.

After taking the key, you can go further along the plot. You get to the deck of the ship, here we need the found key, open the captain's cabin and take the chest of sorrow there.

Then you need to raise the ship with the anchor,fighting off bottom dwellers. A serious battle awaits you when you get to the top.. After the lungs… wait, wait a gift victory. Need to lift the ship to the end. We take our crying friend with us, chest of sorrow and we climb the mast further. A fork will be waiting for you here, first you need go right to door, we stand beside her with a crying chest for a while and the path is open. A room with rock letters awaits you here, there are five of them, read them all. After you do this, go further along the plot, and here I will leave you, on the way to an interesting adventure.

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