Phasmophobia: Every type of ghost

This guide will show you all types of ghosts., proof of, which they collect, and special abilities, they possess!


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Banshi – a born hunter and attacks anyone. It is known, that she chases her prey one at a time, until he kills her.

Unique strength / weakness
– The banshee will only target one person at a time..
– Banshees are afraid of the Crucifix and will be less aggressive around him.

Demon – one of the worst ghosts, which you may encounter. It is known, that he attacks for no reason.

Unique strength / weakness:
– Demons will attack more often, than any other ghost.
– Successful questions, assigned to the demon on the Ouija board, will not reduce the user's sanity.

Rare ghost, which can be found in hot climates. It is known, that they attack more often in cold weather.

Unique strength / weakness
– Moves faster in colder areas.
– Moves slower in warmer areas.

Jinn – this is a territorial ghost, who attacks, when he is threatened. Also known, that it can move at considerable speed.

Unique strength / weakness
– The genie will move at a faster speed, if his victim is far away.
– Disconnecting the power supply to locations will prevent genies from using their abilities.

Mara – the source of all nightmares, what makes her strongest in the dark.

Unique strength / weakness
– Mara will have an increased chance to attack in the dark.
– Turning on lights around Mara will reduce her chance to attack.

They are
They are – Demon's cousin and possess incredible strength. Rumor has it, that they become more active around their prey.

Unique strength / weakness
– They are more active, when people are nearby and they are seen moving objects at high speed.
– A more active lifestyle makes it easier to find and identify Oni.

Phantom – it's a ghost, who can take possession of the living, most commonly summoned by the Ouija board. It also instills fear in others..

Unique strength / weakness
– Looking at the ghost, you are significantly losing your mind.
– If you take a picture of the Phantom, it will disappear temporarily.

Poltergeist – one of the most famous ghosts, also known as the noisy ghost, can manipulate objects around him, to instill fear among their victims.

Unique strength / weakness
– Poltergeist can throw a huge number of objects at the same time.
– Poltergeist is practically ineffective in an empty room.

Revenant – slow, but cruel ghost, who attacks indiscriminately.

Unique strength / weakness
– The Revenant will move at a significantly higher speed when hunting prey..
– Hiding from Revenant will make him move very slowly..

It is known, that Shadow – shy ghost. There is evidence that, that the Shadow will stop all paranormal activity, if there are several people nearby.

Unique strength / weakness
– Shyness means, that the Ghost will be harder to find.
– The ghost will not go into hunting mode, if there are several people nearby.

Spirit – the most common ghost, which you will face, however, he is still very powerful and dangerous. They are usually found on one of their hunting grounds after an unexplained death..

Unique strength / weakness
– No one
– Using Smudge Sticks on a spirit will stop its attack for a long time.

Ghost – one of the most dangerous ghosts, whom you will meet. It is also the only known ghost., who can fly and sometimes travels through walls.

Unique strength / weakness
– Ghosts almost never touch the ground, which means, that they cannot be tracked step by step.
– Ghosts have a toxic reaction to salt.

Yokai – common type of ghosts, attracted by human voices. They can usually be found in family homes..

Unique strength / weakness
– Talking to Youkai will make him angry and make him attack more often..
– While hunting, he can only hear voices near him.

Yurei – it's a ghost, who returned to the physical world, usually with the intent of revenge or hatred.

Unique strength / weakness
– It is known, that Yurei has a stronger effect on sanity.
– If you smear Yurey's room, he will not wander around the location for a long time.

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