Project Zomboid: Basic Pro Perks & Skills

Here is written in detail about skills and perks


Player state

There are 19 player states (I do not consider the state: death, zombie) such as the: Disease, pain, hyperthermia, hypothermia, hunger, sadness, thirst, exhaustion, bleeding, intoxication, panic, overload, hangover, soaked (I xs what else to call it :D), wind, cold, wound, boredom, stress and tired. Each of the player's states has stages: Disease, 1 stage - mild nausea, 2 stage-nausea, 3 stage-disease, 4 fever stage. Pain, 1 stage - minor pain, 2 stage-pain, 3 stage - unbearable pain, 4 stage-agony. Hyperthermia, 1 stage-unpleasantly hot, 2 overheating stage, 3 stage-sunstroke, 4 stage - hyperthermia. Hypothermia, 1 stage- hot, 2 stage-cold, 3 stage-freezes, 4 stage-hypothermia. Hunger, (negative effect) 1 stage-hungry, 2 stage-hunger, 3 stage-severe hunger, 4 stage-fucking hungry. (positive effect) 1 stage-bite, 2 stage-satisfyingly ate, 3 stage - full stomach. Sadness, 1 stage-slight sadness, 2 stage-sadness, 3 stage-depression, 4 stage-deep depression. Thirst, 1 stage-mild thirst, 2 thirst stage, 3 stage-excruciating thirst, 4 stage-dehydration. Impossibility, 1 stage - moderate fatigue, 2 stage - severe fatigue, 3 stage - excessive fatigue. Bleeding, 1 stage - minor bleeding, 2 stage-bleeding, 3 stage - severe bleeding, 4 stage-heavy bleeding. Intoxication, 1 stage is a little fun, 2 intoxication stage, 3 stage-drunk, 4 stage-into dermina drunk. Panic, 1 stage-slight panic, 2 panic stage, 3 stage - severe panic, 4 stage-extreme panic. Overload, 1 stage is pretty hard, 2 stage-hard, 3 stage-heavily loaded, 4 stage - extremely difficult. Wet, 1 stage-wet, 2 stage-wet, 3 stage-drenched, 4 stage-soaked. Wind, 1 stage-light wind, 2 stage - strong wind, 3 stage-icy wind, 4 stage-terrible wind. Cold, 1 stage - mild runny nose, 2 stage-runny nose, 3 stage-cold, 4 stage - severe cold. Wound, 1 stage-minor damage, 2 stage-wound, 3 stage-serious injury, 4 stage-critical injury. Boredom, 1 stage-manifestation of boredom, 2 stage-boredom, 3 stage-severe boredom, 4 stage is very boredom. Stress, 1 stage- excitement, 2 stage-anxiety, 3 stage-stress, 4 stage-nervous breakdown. Fatigue, 1 stage-weary, 2 stage-tired, 3 stage-very tired, 4 stage-falls off his feet.
These states are not a little dependent on the character

Professions are one of the most important choices in the game, profession I can give + to some skill points and + to experience multiplier for example: 100%, 75%. I'll tell you right away, the character has 25% skill multiplier, i.e, if you have a multiplier 75% then in total you have 100% 75+25=100
let's move on to professions
1. unemployed, gives 8 points spent, does not give any + to skills.
2. Fireman, gives +1 to strength, +1 to running speed, 1= to fitness.
3. Police officer, gives +2 to recharge, +1 to agility, +3 to accuracy, -4 spend points
4. Ranger (park keeper), +2 to collecting, +2 to hunt, +1 to construction, -4 spend points. Knows recipes for traps. DOES NOT sneak through trees faster.
5. Builder, +3 to crushing, +1 to construction, -2 spend points.
6.Security guard, +1 to an easy step, +2 to running speed, -2 spend points. Grants the Night Owl skill (about him later).
7. A carpenter, +3 to construction, -2 spend points.
8. Cracker, +2 to an easy step, +2 to stealth, +2 to agility, -6 spend points. gives you hack machines, and breaks down windows in houses faster.
9. Cook, + 3 to cooking, +1 to the strength of weapons., +1 to the cutting, -4 spend points. Knows some recipes.
10. Repairer, +2 to crushing, +2 to the cutting, +1 to construction, -4 spend points.
11. The farmer, +3 to farming, -2 spend points. Initially knows recipes for insects, etc..
12. Fisherman, +3 to fishing, +1 to collecting, -2 spend points. Knows the creation of a fiddler and a fishing net.
13. Doctor, +3 to first aid, -2 spend points.
14. Veteran, +2 to recharge, +2 to accuracy, -8 spend points. Grants skill iron psyche (about him later).
15. Paramedic, +1 to an easy step, +2 to first aid, -2 spend points
16. Lumberjack, 1+ to strength, +2 to the cutting. Grants the skill of mastering an ax ( about him later)
17. Fitness instructor, +3 to fitness, +2 to running speed, -6 spend points. gives skill to nutritionist (about him later)
18. Fast food worker, +2 to cooking, +1 to the cutting, -2 spend points
19. An electrician, +3 to the electrician, -4 spend points. Knows how to handle a generator and create electronic devices.
20. Engineer, +1 to the electrician, +1 to construction, -4 spend points. Knows bomb recipes.
21. Welder, +3 to welding, -6 spend points. Knows recipes from metalworking magazines.
22. Mechanic, +3 to mechanics, +1 to crushing, -4 spend points. Initially knows all magazines about cars

Do not forget about the peculiarity of the experience multiplier here, this is important.
I'll start with the positive perks, I'll end with negative (I do not take into account hobbies).
1.Demon of speed-on 100% to gear change speed, +15 to speed, do not take it because. makes a lot of noise
2.Feline vision-on 20% sees better in the dark.
3.Loves books-on 30% reads books faster.
4.Tourist - will not let you get cold in the rain.
5.Nimble-on 50% move objects faster.
6.Peppy-on 30% needs less sleep.
7.Iron stomach-50% less poisoning from bad food
8.Brave- -70% panic.
9.Elegant- -60% issued noise.
10.Inconspicuous-on 50% chance to get noticed
11.Lucky- +10% to finding a rare thing, -5% chance of breakage during repair
12.Poor appetite- -25% to food consumption
13.Weak thirst- -50% to water consumption
14.Immunity-on 70% turns into a zombie longer
15.Eagle Eye - Increases the radius of sight and spots zombies faster
16.Good hearing - increases the radius of perception
17.Living-on 20% recover faster
18.Hardworking 30% increases the experience gained (мастхэв 🙂 )
19.Sturdy - + 2 to Strength
20.Fit - + 2 to Fitness, Does not give + to the movspeed
21.Organized - + 30% to capacity (does not give a boost to the carried weight, this must not be forgotten)
22.Hard Skin - Chance to Catch a Scratch -15%, on the bite -3,75 (everything is very complicated with this perk, so what is written cannot be accurate)
23.Loves adrenaline - + 10% to moving speed in case of panic, good in conjunction with perk cowardly
24.Athlete - + 4 to fitness, gives + to the movspeed
25.Strong - + 4 to Strength.
Negative perks
1.Sunday driver-max speed 30km / h, on 40% accelerates slower, makes less noise, it should be taken if you do not want to attract a crowd of walking corpses to your cozy house
2.Unassembled - + 400% to the speed of movement of objects, ie. slower in 5 time
3.Awkward - + 60% Noise
4.Cowardly - + 100% chance to panic (as I said above, in conjunction with adrenaline loves this is a good perk, don't forget yet, if you need to fight, drink beta blockers)
5.Bad hearing - you just hear worse (I do not advise taking)
6.Nearsighted - Less radius of vision, and slower to detect zombies
7.Dislikes Books-On 30% read books longer (definitely worth taking, you just get used to that speed)
8.Weak stomach-100% chance of being poisoned (worth taking)
9.Claustraphobia-Indoor Panic
10.Agorophobia-Panic in an open area
11.Noticeable - 100% being seen by zombies
12.Unorganized- -30% to the visibility of all containers
13.Good appetite - + 50% food intake
14.Disease Prone - + 300% Zombie Transformation Speed (definitely need to take)
15.Pacifist-Penalty 25% to experience
16.Unlucky- -10% to finding rare things, +5% to breakage when repairing things
17.Smoker - Gradually gets stress, if you don't smoke it will accumulate
18.Hemophobe - Blood Fear CANNOT heal other players when seeing blood (must-have alone)
19.Asthmatic-40% loss of stamina
20.Increased thirst - + 100% water consumption
21.Tired chelik- -50% to loss of sleepiness
22.Weak- -2 to strength
23.Out of shape- -2 to fitness
24.Overweight- -1 to fitness, on 100% wasting stamina, more susceptible to damage, you move slower, weight at the beginning of the game 85-100
25.Malnutrition- -1 to fitness WHICH DOES NOT RESTORE! Weight at the beginning of the game 65-75, more susceptible to damage
26.Lazy- -30% to the experience gained (highly not recommend)
27.Slow Recovery - Slowly Heal Wounds (you can take if you keep the Persian full)
28.Illiterate - cannot read (fig he is so needed?)
29.Thin Leather-35% chance of being scratched, 8,75% taste (the same as rough skin, I can not say exactly)
30.Bold-low running speed, prone to damage, little stamina,-2 to fitness
31.Severe Malnutrition - Strength debuffs, vitality and damage, -2 to fitness
32.Weak- -5 to strength
33.Deaf-there are no words
34.Emaciated - your original weight 35-50, any scratch and you will heal it 100 years, very weak
Profession Perks
1.Dietitian - knows the nutritional value of all foods
2.Night Owl - Requires Less Sleep, +light sleep you can wake up at any sound, as if it's a shot or someone is pounding on your door
3.iron psyche - he said no to panic

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