Going Medieval: Crafting steel items

Actual for version v0.5.29.3
The manual for the game does not describe this in any way., although this is a very important aspect of the game. In fact, the iron and steel bib differ only in strength. Seems insignificant at first glance, since it is very easy to make a new armor, however, since the percentage of protection depends on the remaining strength. Therefore, it is important to make them steel.
Moreover, in the same way you can control that, what resources do workers use to light stoves or what material will be used to make clothes.


Steel objects
In these screenshots you can see the differences between iron and steel armor.
Differences in protection in the size of the error 2%, however, in strength everything 200%
So here, to make steel items, first, we need steel. It needs to be studied as a separate technology..

To open up the steel, you need to open melting before that (and architecture of course).

Having received melting and steel, you need to make a smelter accordingly. It can be safely placed on the street everything that it produces does not deteriorate on the ground, on the other hand she is a powerful heater)

Select steel in the smelter, but! you need coal to make steel.

Therefore, before this we need “making clay, something there”

Building a kiln

Making coal

Next, we need to study the forge or armored man II

Building one of these jobs.

Now actually that, what did they all come for. At that moment, when do you choose, make any product you can choose the material itself. By default, residents use the topmost one in the list. Therefore, while you have iron, you will not have steel items, however, you can prohibit the use of iron ingots, then you get a steel object.
And to do it, you just need to click this button and select the one you need from the list.

Likewise with weapons, just remove the hardware from the list.
The game does not focus on this in any way, but, it is very useful not only for steel items.

Woolen, leather and linen.
Clothes are just as simple. True, residents, for some reason, almost randomly choose what to make clothes from., as with the forge and the armoring table, it probably does not work.
For example, here is the summer collection.

Here is the winter collection

How to save coal and wood
There is an abnormal excess of brushwood in the game at the moment, just use it, all with the same function
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