Going Medieval: Finding the perfect settler skills

The long-awaited update # 2 has been released | Merchants and diplomacy, which gave us the faction system, region maps, settlement barter system, caravans and most importantly - normal character creation and customization system. This guide will help you quickly and perfectly match the skills for each starting character.



The guide was developed for the current version of the build: v
In case of a change in the build version, I do not guarantee the correctness of the data I have provided, but I will try to enter the actual data into the table on time.

The current update of the game has provided the opportunity for detailed customization of our dummies. The game more and more incorporates good and proven mechanics from RimWorld and this is good news. We can now edit character's past, his biography, nickname and features. All this disgrace will eat our group creation points, by the way, which we have a limited number of 510 units.

For a quick selection of the necessary skills, I created a table with all the characteristics of the characters, presented in the game. With the help of a table, you can filter the data and find the ideal values ​​for biographies, past and aliases. The search for the required values ​​is carried out using the usual data filtering..

for example, we need to find the perfect bio for Miner. Go to the table, filtering data by skill “Mining” and find all the perfect biographies, and also see how many points will be spent on each of the options presented.

Google Link to Settler Skill Matching Sheet: read[docs.google.com]


The character's past is formed using a combination of two parameters: biography and past

Biography consists of 45 story options
The past is presented 51 variant of professions

To choose a biography for a character, we will have to spend from 3 to 9 units of creation points.
Choosing the past can eat from 14 to 27 units of creation points.

All skills in the presented tables are divided into positive and negative Buffs., and also zero effect (“X” in tables). There are quite a few negative buffs, but their peculiarity is the requirement for a lower number of creation points. That's why, sometimes it makes sense to choose skills with negative Buffs, this will help save on creation points.


Selecting an alias (nicknames) character works on the same principle, as biography. You choose a pseudonym, get a bonus to the skill you need, but spend the same amount of creation points.

All aliases give by 3 skill point, eat on 3 creation units. Total available already 40 nicknames, since the game does not have the same number of unique skills, then we are free to choose a nickname simply based on the option we like better from those presented after sorting by the desired skill.

There is one unique option – choosing an empty value for the alias (no nickname), this option will just help us save 3 creation points.

How to use sorting

For dummies in using Excel tables, I leave a mini guide on sorting the desired values.

To find the ideal values ​​for the skill you are interested in, click on the triangle icon to the right of the skill name. You will be taken to the filtering page. Values ​​can be sorted alphabetically, and most importantly, remove bad values, which do not interest us.

for example, looking for the coolest options of the past for the Miner. Open the filter and turn off the values ​​below 12, including “X”. Having sorted the data in this way, we get 4 suitable professions for us: Blacksmith, Miner, Rootless Farmer, The gravedigger. You just have to choose the perfect combination, which will suit you.

To display all values, just reset the filters to their original position, pressing the button “Choose all” on the filtering page.

Character features

Beyond great stories and pseudonyms, shaping the personality and skills of our dummies, there is one more system - this is a system of character traits.

In total, the character can be thrown up to 10 features. Features can give Buffs or Debuffs to various skills of the character, as well as unlock unique perks. Many features conflict with each other and cannot be selected at the same time.

The total number of possible features is presented in the game in size 60 pieces.

At this point in time I have not yet come up with, how to correctly represent all the values ​​for features in a tabular form, therefore, this list is not present in the table at the moment. I will try to update this section as soon as possible., in the meantime, I propose to independently study each of the features and choose, what do you want to give to your character.

By the way, at first sight, you might think, that the feature list is a legal cheat, partly I agree, but not really. Any feature, the same as the previous parameters, eats creation points. The cooler you want to choose a feature for your character, the more points you need. And if the group creation points are coming to an end, the simplest options for replenishing points will be adding a negative feature to one of the characters, which will give extra points. This approach to the issue gives a small balance. “Terminator” you, of course, can also create, in case of urgent need. This is already a matter of personal taste..


In conclusion, I want to add, so that you do not forget to throw skill stars on the directions of character development that interest you. In total, you can throw up to two stars (Enthusiasm, Passion)

The settler will receive in 2,5 times more experience to develop the selected skill

The settler will receive in 4 times more experience to develop the selected skill
Each star eats 5 creation points

The correct approach to creating ideal characters is: initial selection of biographies and backgrounds for each of the three characters, further strengthening one skill by choosing an alias, selection of experience stars to form a clear direction in the development of a particular character, adding beneficial features and for the remainder of the points you can finish off the initial experience for the most necessary skills at the start of the game.

That's all, if you notice errors in the tables, write about it in the comments to this Guide, I will try to correct the data promptly.

Thank you for your attention and enjoy the game

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