Terraria: How to beat an opiate planter

In this guide, I will describe the tactics of combat with a planter in as much detail as possible.


Lamp search
lamp planters, many know how she looks and miss her how n * t to do, but personally I dug a square around the jungle and divided it by tunnels

the arena here is not particularly different from the others, the only negative is that, that you will not move a nurse there(at least on version 1.4.2)

2 phase
this shit (planter) will not stand on ceremony with you in the first arena in the second phase.
What to do???
need to build a second under-arena
for its construction, we go up to any upper corner of your arena and do not dig high up, then we dig to the right into blocks so 500 in length and 5 in height

battle process
Well, here you come to the battle itself( and yes, I did not specify that it is necessary to build a platform around the planters that you found, and with such an arena, even one attempt will be enough) at the beginning you activate the planter, how can we do without it, then mansit and let it go in a circle(running around her) and as soon as she feels a surge of strength, immediately run to the upper platform(it is advisable to run not very fast because. the planter may be offended. having a mount also does not hurt)move along the tunnel and beat this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ with all the anger that you have accumulated

armor, aksy, weapon
in short, what about the armor, personally, during the process of writing the manual, I used holy armor with a build for an archer from aksy emblem of your class, lightning boots(could be better)
bee wings(naturally you can do better, but in the battle with this scum, they are not much needed) and a magic quiver. weapon holy crossbow
Warrior: here a titanium sword and all the same holy armor for a warrior with a helmet was enough for me
aksy: your emblem, boots, wings…
Magician: I advise you to use forbidden armor, even though you can get her x * y, but if you drink hot tea and sit in the desert with your best friend “The storm”, then maybe you are lucky, get a couple of fragments. From accessories: wings, boots, scarf-worm (if in an expert), magician's emblem, mana cloak, cross of Dominica Toretto (the one that is golden), charm of myths. Weapon staff of poison
Summoner: everything is a little different here: spider armor, staff of the spider queen, pygmy necklace, hercules beetle, papyrus scarab, emblem, fire gauntlet

so, you have read up to this point and are ready to kill this dirty trick, but know, that everything that you read you could already know but did not use or used but it did not help, in this case, pick up the fruits of life, etc.. but if you are at the peak of your capabilities, then you will have to use one server(everyone knows him?)and take everything you need from there, but this will no longer be the correct terrarium, because nothing is impossible)))

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