Far Cry 5: All endings and Secret

All Far cry endings will be featured here 5.


We are all used to, that games have at least good and bad endings. Calling the true ending a good one - the tongue will not turn. After killing two of Sid's brothers and sister, you will return to the same church, as at the beginning of the game. After a lengthy monologue, Joseph will give the hero the same choice - to leave or to arrest him.

If you choose to resist, then a long battle will begin. Each of the allies, met by you during the game, will fight for the Father. You will have to shoot them and raise them to their feet, to bring to life.

Buddies will appear in waves. In total, you will have 12 human. After that you will need to shoot Joseph himself. Even if the Father shoots you, one of the allies, which you have already returned to your senses, will help the main character get back on his feet.

However, spoilers I will try to avoid. After that, how to shoot Sid, another cutscene will begin. Something will happen and you will need to get to the bunker. Upon arrival at the bunker, the final cut-scene will start.

When Joseph invites you to leave Hope County with his friends (at the end of the game), then you can agree, to save everyone's life. If you choose this option, the Father's gaze will cease to be stern, and as a sign of forgiveness, he touches your head. At this moment, there will be a short flash of light..

Friends will agree to return here with the National Guard during the trip from Hope County.. However, something goes wrong, the main character's condition will worsen. He died or succumbed to Blazhi, remains a mystery.

To see the secret ending, in the prologue during the events in the church, when the marshal asks to put handcuffs on Joseph Sid, do nothing (do not press the specified key / button). Wait about two minutes, after which the sheriff will decide to leave the church.

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