Terraria: Items removed after 1.2 versions

This guide describes items, which were removed after versions 1.2 and ways, with which they could be obtained. However, not all items from 1.2, and the most curious, in my opinion!


Hair shower

Soul Scythe is a weapon, which was added in version 1.2. It existed in the game files, but was not available, and when trying to hack only worked in a single game, that is, it did not work on servers and was replaced by an angel statue. After version 1.2.2 she was completely removed from the game, and her item ID now uses Red Potion (Red Potion). And also when trying to get the Scythe of Souls by hacking on the version 1.2.2, replaced with Red Potion

Form for the key

Form for the key (Jungle/Corruption/Crimson/Hallowed/Frozen Key Mold) this material, which drops from hardmode mobs of a certain biome, added in update 1.2.1. Used to create keys to biome chests, which are located in the dungeon.

Creating Biome Keys at the Time:
No crafting station required
Form for the key – 1PC.
The key to the temple – 1PC.
The soul of Fear – 5PC.
Soul of Power – 5PC.
Soul of Enlightenment – 5PC.
Biome Key

Form and key IDs:
Jungle Form - 1803, Jungle Key - 1533
Distortion Shape - 1804, Distortion Key - 1534
Crimean Form - 1805, Krimzon's Key - 1535
Consecration Form - 1806, Lighting Key - 1536
Snow Biome Shape - 1807, Snow Biome Key - 1537

Car farm:
There are three ways to kill mobs without the participation of the player: servants, lava and traps. The latter two are often used in the creation of ROS farms.. Very handy to use traps from the jungle temple. You can also trigger an event to increase the flow of mobs. Since most of the character is left without the attention of the player, he must be protected. For this, separate rooms are created on the farm., protected from ghost attacks (for example, make them above ground). If you don't want to build a farm, then you can use your minions.

Remember, that even an offline farm needs some attention, because if the forms fall out and lie too long, then they will disappear.

1 way of building a Farm (video in english):

Spectral Arrow

Spectral Arrow (Spectral Arrow) this is an arrow, looking like a frost arrow. Any arrow turns into this arrow after a shot from Sharanga. There is also a chance for this arrow to drop after it hits a solid block.. On hit, has a high chance of inflicting the Hell's Curse debuff. Also (on the mobile version) drops in quantity 25-50 pieces from Okram. Removed in version 1.3. along with all exclusive content

A type – ammunition
Damage – 16units.
Chance of Crete – 4%
Discarding – Weak
Max. in the cell – 250PC.
Rarity – Light red
Abilities – emits a faint glow, Deals the Hell Curse debuff

This arrow is the only way to apply the Curse of Hell debuff in pre-hard and crimzone worlds.


Sharanga (Sharanga) - exclusive bow in console and mobile versions. Has the ability to transform ALL arrows fired into Spectral.
Since the bow transforms the fired arrow into a Spectral, easier and better to use wooden arrows, because this is the most affordable bow ammunition. Sharanga is a pretty good weapon to start a hard mod, since it is easy to craft and has good damage. This bow can kill Planter with proper skill (checked by me).

Creation of Sharanga:
Craft station – Lead / Iron Head
Cast Fury – 2PC.
Hellstone Ingot – 10PC.

A type – Weapon Bow
Damage – 35 (Remote)
Discarding – 1 (Incredibly weak)
Ammunition – Arrows
Rarity – Pink
Abilities – Transforms ALL fired arrows into Spectral
Selling price: 1 Gold and 20 Silver

Turkey Feather

Turkey feather (Turkey Feather) - pet turkey, existed on mobile and console versions. Can be purchased from the Merchant during Thanksgiving season. The pet cannot attack and is therefore only used to summon the Ungrateful Turkey.
If you summon a pet, and then use the Cursed Filling, then you can call the boss. Removed in version 1.3. along with all exclusive content

Cursed Filling

Cursed Filling (Cursed Stuffing) - item, used to summon the Ungrateful Turkey. It can only be used in conjunction with a turkey feather. The boss's call uses more than just the Filling itself, but also a turkey feather, destroying it on a successful summoning attempt.

During Thanksgiving, which will last from 6 November to 30 November, if you have a turkey pet activated, then each monster has a chance to drop Cursed Filling 1 to 7. Removed in version 1.3. along with all exclusive content


Cornucopia (Horn ‘o’ Plenty) - item, which mechanically resembles a healing potion, restoring 120 units. health when using. Unlike a potion, cornucopia can be used an unlimited number of times. It applies the Debuff Sickness debuff..
It cannot be found, craft or buy. The only way to get it is by killing the Ungrateful Turkey. (the chance of getting a horn - 100%). Removed in version 1.3 along with all exclusive content.

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