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References in Weapons

1. Big key – a reference to the game "Kingdom Hearts".
2. Phase sword and saber – direct reference to weapons from the Star Wars movie universe.
3. Destroyer blade – a reference to the game "Final Fantasy VII", where such a sword was present, но под названием Buster Sword. Во вселенной Final Fantasy этот меч является одним из самых известных.
4. Gungnir – in Scandinavian mythology Gungnir is the spear of Odin.
5. Muramasa – a reference to the blades of the excellent blacksmith and warrior Senji Muramasa.
6. Коса и Коса душ – a reference to the anime "Soul Eater".
7. Excalibur and True Excalibur – King Arthur's sword with a legendary history
8. Bladed Gloves – a reference to the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street", where the main antagonist uses a similar glove.
9. Zapinator – a reference to Zapper (Zapper).
10. Light disc – a reference to the movie "Tron".
11. Ogribator – a reference to the foreign web comic "The Legend of Maxx"
12. Red rider– this is the name of the air gun from the movie "A Christmas Carol" (1983),
13. S.D.M.G. – its appearance and description refers to the game "Edge of Space", which is similar in mechanics to Terraria.
14. Holy hand grenade – a reference to the game "Worms", since update, in which this weapon was added dedicated to the theme of the game.
15. Ice Hydra – a reference to the game "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess».
16. Rally, Cascade, Format C, Code 1, Code 2, Chick, Valor, Gradient, Dace, Terrarian — являются отсылками, and advertising, to the yo-yos of the same name from One Drop.
17. Trim (Boomstick) – «This is my boom-stick!» ("This is my boom stick!») - the phrase of the main character of the film "Evil Dead 3: Dark army". Used multiple times as a reference.
18. Enchanted sword – a reference to the first sword of King Arthur, which was dug out of stone “Sword in stone”.
19. Кровавое мачете – a reference to Jason Voorhees, the hero from the Friday horror film series, 13-is.
20. Guitar ax – like Plantera, is a reference to the American metal band Pantera, Andrew Spinks' wife's favorite band.
21. Огненный цветок – a reference to the Mario series, where there was an improvement in the form of an orange flower, which also gave the ability to throw fireballs.
22. Frosty flower – is also a reference to the famous game Mario
23. Shells in the form of cat heads with a rainbow train, produced by Meumur – a likely reference to the famous internet meme Nyan Cat.
24. Phrase from the description of the iridescent crystal staff “The colors, Duke, the colors!” – is a reference to an ice cream ad.

References in Creatures (Mobah)

1. Крампус – a reference to the hero of alpine folklore, who kidnaps naughty and naughty children in the night with 5 on 6 December.
2. Зомби с ростком – a reference to Harold from Fallout.
3. Тим – his name: a reference to "Tim the Enchanter" (Tim Wizard) from the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".
4. Wyvern – a reference to the anime "Spirited Away", where one of the heroes can transform into a similar dragon.
5 .Ящеры – similar in appearance to the Silurians, race from the TV series "Doctor Who".
6 .Марсианский шагоход – a reference to the War of the Worlds novel by H.G. Wells
7. Butcher отсылка к фильму ужасов “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)”.
8. Мотрон отсылка к фильму ужасов “Motra (1961)”.
9. Одержимая отсылка фильму ужасов “Exorcist”.
10. A vampireотсылка к фильму ужасов “Dracula (1931,USA)”.
11. Frankenstein отсылка к фильму ужасов “Frankenstein (1931)”.
12. A creature from the depthsотсылка к фильму ужасов “Black Lagoon Thing”.
13. Человек-муха отсылка к фильму ужасов “Fly (1958)”.
14. Пинхед отсылка к фильму ужасов “Hellraiser”.
15. Psychoотсылка к фильму ужасов “Halloween”.
16. Смертельная сфера отсылка к фильму ужасов “Phantasm”.
17. Оторванная кисть отсылка к сериалу ужасов “The Addams Family”.
18. Swamp monsterотсылка к фильму ужасов “Swamp Thing (1982)”.
19. Stream hijackerотсылка к фильму “Skyline”.
20. Sand sharkотсылка к фильму “Sand sharks”,
21. Dr. Bons – a reference to Indiana Jones from the film series of the same name.

Bosses References

1. Brain of Cthulhu, Глаз Ктулху и Лунный Лорд – references to a deity from the pantheon of Myths of Cthulhu,
2. Плантера – like the ax guitar is a reference to the American metal band Pantera, Andrew Spinks' wife's favorite band.

NPC references

1. Фраза волшебника – “Once I was told, what friendship – it `s Magic. What nonsense. You can't turn people into frogs through friendship. ", namely the words "Friendship – this is magic "are a reference to the animated series" My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic».

2. Tailor phrases:
a)«Быть проклятым – boring and lonely, so one day I made myself a friend out of leather. I Called Him Wilson "a reference to the movie" Outcast ".
b)“Life is like a box of clothes – you never know, what will you wear tomorrow!"Is a reference to the movie" Forest Gump ", where does he speak: "A life – like a box of chocolates, you never know, what filling will you get ".
c)Фраза знахаря – "Oo Eeh Oo Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang" is a reference to the song "Witch Doctor".

3. Фраза Гоблина-инженера – "Me, I heard you like rockets and running boots, so I put some rockets in your running boots.» отсылка к фразе Xzibit-а— «Yo dawg! I heard that you like X, so we put Y in your car so you can Z while you drive.»

4. Fisherman phrases:
a) “I saw this orange colorful fish on the ocean, and she looked so frantic, like looking for a lost family member! Catch her for me, perhaps there will be another one with a frantic, like her, glance!» – a reference to the cartoon "Finding Nemo".
b)«Bat-FISH!» – reference to the main theme of m / s Batman (1966 g.)
c) "This is a whale! This is a dolphin! Not, this is a penguin!"Is based on the phrase" This is a bird ... This is a plane ... This is Superman!»

5. Skeleton Trader Quotes:
a) About slug fat – reference to tonic, sold by one of the merchants nicknamed the Snake Oil Merchant.
b) «The only things constant in this world are death and taxes, I’ve got both!». – refers to a phrase by Benjamin Franklin:«In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.»

6. Trader's phrase "Kosh, kapleck Mog. Oh sorry, in Klingon it is "Buy something or die!» – a reference to the TV series "Star Trek".

7.Cyborg phrase “My desire for adventure has greatly diminished since, when they shot me through the engine " – is a reference to the phrase of the guards in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

References in Armor / Clothing

1. Stardust armor and its ability to summon “guard” – is a reference to the manga and anime series "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" , namely to the Stardust Crusaders part”.
2. Spectral Armor – a reference to the opponent Maita (also known as Stoner or Boris) from the game "Bubble Bobble".
3. Орихалковая броня – a set with a helmet for a magician - a reference to the character Andromeda Shun from the anime Saint Seiya.
4. Hero set – reference to Link, the main character of the game "The Legend of Zelda".
5. Комплект археолога – a reference to Indiana Jones,
6. Комплект доктора и Феска – a direct reference to Doctor Who., namely on 11 The doctors.
7. Hat work– a reference to the game "Cave Story", where the main character has the same hat.
8. Костюм пришельца – a reference to the Alien film series and its main antagonists.
9. Костюм крипера – a reference to a game similar in genre to Terraria - "Minecraft",
10. Костюм черепашки – reference to the series "TMNT", or rather a turtle named Leonardo.
11. Маска Гая Фокса – a reference to the movie "V for Vendetta", where the main character wore a similar mask.
12. Комплект водопроводчика – a reference to the "Mario" game series, where the main character Mario wore a similar costume.
13. Parka and winter hat – reference from the TV series "South Park", where Kenny and Stan respectively, wear similar clothes.
14. Костюм рогатого Бога – a reference to the Horned God in the Age of Wonders series.
15. Fallen tuxedo – a reference to the anime "Demons vs. Fallen", where the main character wore a similar costume.
16. Летняя шляпа – is a reference to manga and anime “One Piece”.
17. Treasure Hunter Clothes– a reference to the protagonist of the Tomb Raider series

Pet References

1. Ручная черепаха – a reference to m / s "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic», where the pony Rainbow Dash had a similar pet, who also flew a propeller.
2. Fairy – a reference to the series "The Legend of Zelda", namely to the character Navi.
3. Соус тартар и питомец мини-минотавр – a reference to the video of the user Tobuscus.
4. Тыковка – a reference to a pet from the game "World of Warcraft".
5. Малыш Гринч – movie reference: “The Grinch – thief of christmas "and its main antagonist.
6. Червь-питомец и Старушка – direct references to the game "Worms".
7. Куб-компаньон – a direct reference to the Portal game series and its eponymous companion cube

References in Achievements

1. Attainment: Jeepers Creepers – "Jeepers Creepers" – horror 2001 years of director and scriptwriter Victor Salva, filmed jointly by Germany and the USA.
2. Attainment: Stop! Hammer Time! – a reference to MC Hammer's song "U Can't Touch This", since the title of the achievement – this is a phrase from a song.
3. Attainment: Are Some Who Call Him.– a reference to a quote from the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".
4. Attainment: Fast and Fishious – reference to the movie "Fast and the Furious"(The Fast and the Furious).
5. Attainment: I Am Loot! – a reference to the phrase of Groot from the MCU.
6. Attainment: Where’s my honey? – a reference to the phrase “Where’s my money?"From the movie" The Big Lebowski "
7. Attainment: Temple raider – a reference to the Tomb Raider series
8. Attainment: Star Destoyer – a class of warships in the fictional Star Wars universe.

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