Car Mechanic Simulator 2021: Good money making

In this guide, I will talk about a good way to make money
1) You need to accumulate about 50-60k on orders and storyline orders(for the process to go faster, it is desirable to carry out all regular orders with a profit +25%)
2) go to the dump and find a wreck in about 3-6k
3) We completely disassemble it(Engine,suspension,body and engine compartment)
4) We sell all previously assembled parts and start assembly from scratch
5) We sell and we are in such a normal plus
Below I will leave an example of how to carry out all the points and the main thing is not to forget to use the welding machine and drain all liquids if any.,so as not to spend an extra penny
Thus, the photo shows how much I got a plus from this car, in general, my costs came out (3800 for cars and for example 30000 for parts)



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