Warframe: Looking for Easter Glyphs DE

In this guide, I will show you where you can find the easter eggs left by the developers for themselves. To find everything 3 easter eggs, you need to go to the hubs of all open locations. (Cetus, Fortune, Nekralisk).

1. Cetus

After landing on Cetus, jump to the first mountain ledge on the right.

Next, you will see the following ledge, jump on it.

Then just run until you hit the last ledge that we need.

This is how it will look.

Just run up and press X.

2. Fortune

Immediately after entering Fortuna, jump to the first right balcony.

Above you will see another balcony, jump on it.

Rotate the camera so you can see the face of your warframe, and press X on the glyph.

3. Nekralisk

Upon arrival at Deimos, turn the camera slightly to the right, and you will see a column. We need to jump on it.

You are almost there.

Come up and press X.

4. BONUS There is also an Easter egg on Fortune, which launches the video “We Are Lift Together”

In order to activate this easter egg, need to come to 2 working in tight and press X.

Thanks for attention
At the moment, these are all Easter glyphs DE. This guide will be updated as new DE glyphs are added to the game..

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