Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Bild “Double Trickster”

Do you think, that the best spell in the game is a fireball? Want to burn the whole world with your spell? Then you've come to the right place.
Mythic Mystic Trickster Build.



Mystical trickster (9 Elemental Specialist / 1 Vivisector / 10 Mystical trickster)

Mythical path – Trickster

This build is made for the magician, whose main task will be to deal damage. If you want to play a powerful wizard, destroying opponents with their spells, then this build is for you.

Basic mechanics of the magician

Before, than go directly to the build, I'll tell you about important mechanics, knowledge about which you need, to play effectively as casters.

Dice rolls

Most game mechanics use dice rolls.

for example, 1d20 means roll a twenty-sided die, which can result in a value from 1 to 20. A roll of 2d4 means a roll of two tetrahedral dice., which can result in a value from 2 to 8. A roll 2d4 + 5 means, that after the roll of the dice, the result is added 5.

Touch Attack and Touch Attack Defense

Whereas an attack with conventional weapons (swords, bows and other) must overcome the opponent's full defense, your spells only need to touch the enemy, to damage him. Therefore, touch attack ignores armor bonuses, shields and natural defenses of the target (but not an agility bonus to defense).

Most of your spells against a single target will use remote touch attack.

Remote touch attack is calculated using the formula:
1d20 + base attack modifier + agility modifier + special modifiers, such as abilities or bonuses from equipment.

To damage the enemy, your attack roll must be greater than or equal to your opponent's touch attack defense.

The mage gains one point of base attack modifier every two levels., that is on 2, 4, 6 levels and so on.

A dexterity modifier is given for every two points of dexterity after 10, eg, a character with agility 16 the dexterity modifier will be +3. You need a high dexterity to hit the enemy.

Most AoE spells, do not require an attack roll.

Magic resistance

Allows the creature to negate the effect of the spell. Most demons and some other enemies are magic resistant.

To overcome the target's magic resistance, the caster must make a roll on a caster level check and get a result equal to or greater than the target's magic resistance.

The caster level check is calculated using the following formula:
1d20 + caster level + special modifiers, such as abilities or bonuses from equipment.

Most casters have caster level = character level. The caster level of multiclass characters will be equal to the level in the class, giving access to the spell.

for example, character with warrior classes 2 and the magician 7 will have a caster level 7, and a character with a priest class 2 and the magician 7 will have a caster level 2 for spells from the book of the priest and 7 for spells from the magician's book.

Some prestige classes allow you to continue learning spells, as if they had levels in the caster class.

for example: character with classes mage 3, thief 1 and mystical trickster 2 will have caster level 5, as if his trickster levels are magician levels.


Some enemies are immune to certain types of damage.

Most demons are immune to poison and electricity. Spells of this type will not deal any damage to them..

Resistance to the elements

Elemental resistance allows a creature to reduce damage from a specific element.

for example:
Your mage attacks the demon nabasu with the Scorching Ray spell with a damage roll 22, but nabasu has resistance to the elements of fire in 10 units, so he will only receive 12 units of damage.


Certain spells allow the target to roll a saving throw (resilience, reaction or will) for, to reduce the effect of a spell or avoid it altogether.

for example:
For the Fireball spell, the reaction saving throw reduces the spell's damage by half..
Your mage attacks the demon nabasu with a Fireball spell with a damage roll 20, but nabasu makes a successful reaction saving throw. Nabasu is also resistant to the elements.: 10, therefore does not take damage.

The attack is secret

Sneak attacks allow you to deal additional damage to the target, who has lost their Dexterity Bonus to Defense for any reason.

Agility bonus can be lost for many different reasons, eg:

  • target taken by surprise (first attack at the beginning of the battle);
  • character attacking the target is invisible;
  • target blinded, paralyzed, dazed or scared, etc..

A sneak attack also works, if the target is engaged in melee combat with two or more opponents.

Character Creation

Now, when the main mechanics were sorted out, let's move on to the build.

In the first chapter, you will most likely have to come to terms with the role of the controller mage, but, the more you play, the more damage you will do.

Class: Elemental Specialist (Magician)

We hire an Elemental Specialist due to his unique ability Focused Element. Thanks to her, we will be able to use all our magic arsenal., ignoring the immunity and resistance to the elements of the enemy already at the end of the first chapter.

Also, our spells of the School of Destruction will do additional damage.

Race: human

The person opens up very well due to the additional ability at the first level, which moves the progression very strongly and allows you to start burning everything around much earlier.

Normal elf and half elf with dual ancestry would also be good candidates.. If you wish, you can take a tiefling, aasimara, damp or kicuné.

Biography: any

I recommend taking the Andoran Diplomat for the class persuasion bonus, or Pickpocket because of +2 bonus to initiative.


Strength 8
Agility 15
Endurance 13
Intelligence 20+5
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

Racial bonus – Intelligence.

The distribution of characteristics is strange, but this was done on purpose. The thing is, that the mythical trickster has a trick (Knowledge of the world of the second level), which gives your stats an extra bonus, I'll tell you more about it in the section mythical levels.

If you want to minmax, then you can lower Wisdom and Charisma to 7, increasing Agility to 17 and Endurance up to 14.

All points on 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 levels we invest in Intellect.

Skill points:

The first four levels put points in Mobility, Cheating and Knowledge (magic), as these skills are needed to take the Mystic Trickster prestige class.

Then you can distribute points at will, but I would recommend downloading Knowledge (peace), and also do not throw cheating, since you will get a unique ability, which allows you to disarm traps from a distance 30 meters.

Mobility, Stealth, Knowledge (magic), Persuasion and Use of Magic Devices – good options for the trickster.

Mystical connection: familiar hare

The hare gives 4 initiative points, this is the most useful familiar bonus for us.


Shooting close – +1 to damage at a distance of up to 30 meters, this ability is required, to take the next

Accurate shot – neutralizes -4 attack roll penalty, if the enemy is involved in close combat, we want to hit the enemy

Overcoming magic – gives +2 bonus to overcome magic resistance, opponents with magic resistance spawn very early

Excluded school:

Necromancy, Charm and Transmutation. Our task is to inflict damage, not to be in control, buffs or summon. All this can be done by your companions.

Focused element: the fire

Alternatively, you can take acid or cold, but don't take electricity, otherwise, until the end of the second chapter, you will not deal a single point of damage to demons.

Important spells:

At this level, we have access to spells of the zero and first circle..

Ice ray – inflicts 1-3 damage, but this is the spell of the school of destruction, and we have a bonus, which will grow with the level. In addition, in the future, she will do much more damage thanks to a sneak attack. Set this spell to auto attack.

Magic arrow – deals power damage, which means it does not depend on resistance to the elements. This is at first a very weak spell will do good damage at the expense of additional arrows, which you get on 3, 6, 8 and 10 levels.

Sure blow – lets throw away 20 on next attack roll. Will be relevant throughout the game.

Butter – the main control spell to start the game.

Magic armor – your support and hope, other armor you will not have.

Shield – excellent spell, giving additional protection.

Snowball – does not depend on spell resistance, which is very good for us at the beginning of the game.

Invisibility – we use for defense and sneak attacks, but it's easier to brew potions, and not occupy a whole slot for this spell.

Deity: any chaotic

The mythical way of the Trickster implies, that your character is on the axis of chaos.

Regular levels
2 level: Vivisector (Alchemist)

For, to do a lot of damage, we need a sneak attack.

As a bonus, Vivisector has a mutagen, which gives us +2 to dexterity, own spell book, which at the initial stages will be useful to us, plus Potion Making and Class Ability Using Magic Devices.

3 level: Elemental Specialist (Magician)


Superb sneak attack – additional damage, and also the requirement for the prestige class.

4 level: Elemental Specialist (Magician)

At this level we will be able to use spells of the second circle.

Important spells:

Scorching ray – our main damaging spell for a very long time.

Feel the vulnerability – baff, which greatly increases damage, at first you will have few spell slots, but after the second chapter, this is a mandatory spell in your book. Adopts with a sneak attack!

Mirror reflection – excellent protective spell.

5 level: Mystical trickster

Remote stunt ability appears, with which you can pick locks and disarm traps at a distance 30 meters.


Overcoming magic + – continue to increase our chances of breaking through magic resistance.

6 level: Mystical trickster

At this level we will be able to use the spells of the third circle.

Important spells:

Fire ball – area spell, throw enemies into the crowd, the main thing – do not get on your own.

Impact charge – power damage spell.

7 level: Mystical trickster


Favorite school of magic: Destruction – spells, allowing the opponent to make a saving throw will become slightly more dangerous, this ability is required to take another, very important ability.

8 level: Mystical trickster

At this level we will be able to use the spells of the fourth circle.

Important spells:

Controlled fireball – same, what an ordinary fireball, but does not harm allies.

Invisibility, the highest – your bread and butter, the easiest way to use sneak attacks.

Dragon breath – very good area damage.

9 level: Mystical trickster


Metamagic (Empowered spell) – your spells will do 1.5 times more damage.

10 level: Mystical trickster

At this level we will be able to use the spells of the fifth circle.

Important spells:

Ice prison – good damage combined with control.

Illusory web – excellent spell for controlling groups of opponents.

11 level: Mystical trickster


Familiar spell: Scorching ray – strengthens your main spell.

12 level: Mystical trickster

At this level we will be able to use the spells of the sixth circle.

Important spells:

Hellfire Ray – Scorching Ray replacement, main damaging spell, starting from this level, the usual spell should be hung on the Ray of Hellfire.

Lightning Chain and Sirocco – excellent bulk spells.

True sight – helps to see disguised opponents.

13 level: Mystical trickster


Metamagic (a perfectly ordinary spell) – reduces the circle of your spell by one, very useful in conjunction with other metamagic abilities.

This ability can only be obtained through a mythic trick., which will be available on 4 the level of the mythical Trickster. If you received 13 level before, then take the ability Metamagic (Enhanced spell).

14 level: Mystical trickster

Congratulations on the tenth level of the Mystic Trickster, now your sneak attacks work with almost all spells. Sneak Fireball Attack? Why not!

At this level, we will be able to use the spells of the seventh circle..

Unfortunately, on this circle we don't have any interesting spells, use it fully under metamagic spells.

15 level: Elemental Specialist (Magician)


Metamagic (Enhanced spell) – now we can boost the spells of the lower circles, further strengthening them.

16 level: Elemental Specialist (Magician)


Metamagic (Maximized spells) or Favorite School of Magic + (whichever, did you get the sixth level of the mythical Trickster before).

Maximized spells allow you to always roll the best value possible..

Favorite School of Magic + further enhances saving throw requirements for your spells.

At this level we will be able to use the spells of the eighth circle.

Important spells:

Polar ray – powerful damaging spell.

Arrows of the storm – excellent area spell.

17 level: Elemental Specialist (Magician)


Favorite element: the fire – further increases the saving throw requirements for your spells.

18 level: Elemental Specialist (Magician)

At this level, we will be able to use the spells of the ninth circle.

Important spells:

Ice prison, massive – same, that Ice Prison, but it works by area.

Tsunami – strong area spell.

19 level: Elemental Specialist (Magician)


Favorite element +: the fire – further increases the saving throw requirements for your spells.

20 level: Elemental Specialist (Magician)

Congratulations, you have reached the heights of magical skill.

Mythical levels

Playing as a mythical trickster can be both very fun, so very sad, because it is very easy to break a build, special, if you play on high difficulty without the possibility of respec. I recommend taking mythical abilities and traits in that order., which I indicate.

1 level

Mythic ability: Elemental superiority (the fire) – target elemental damage cannot be reduced or prevented by immunity or resilience. That's why we chose the Elemental Specialist. All our spells are fire. And they all wanted to sneeze on demonic spell resistance.

2 level

Mythic trait: Overcoming magic (mythical) – gives a bonus to overcoming magic resistance.

3 level

Mythic ability: Abundant enchantment – you can now prepare more spells from the first three circles.

Mythical trick: Knowledge (magic) 1 – each item with a boost bonus, which you find increases this bonus by one. for example, helmet +4 to intelligence will now give +5.

This trick is worth taking at the very beginning., because it will not act on items, which you have already found without it.

You will also receive a second spellbook. There are no damage spells, so choose any spells, as you see fit.

4 level

Mythic trait: Sorcerous reaction – at the beginning of the fight, you can use one spell as a quick. Additional caste at the beginning of the battle – this is very good.

Mythical trick: Attention level 1 and attention level 2 – allows you to use the special abilities of the Trickster, we are interested in Metamagic (a perfectly ordinary spell), which we will take on 13 level.

5 level

Mythic ability: Abundant enchantment – you can now prepare more spells of the fourth, fifth and sixth rounds.

Mythical trick: Knowledge (peace) level 1 – allows you to use Knowledge (peace) to test any skills.

6 level

Mythic trait: Additional feature: Metamagic (Maximized spells) or Favorite School of Magic + (whichever, did you get the sixteenth level before).

Mythical trick: Replenishment of Magic Devices and Reuse of Magic Devices – you can endlessly use any magical things, but this is not the most interesting, the most interesting will be on the next level.

7 level

Mythic ability: Chosen Metamagic (Gain) – the cost of using this metamagic ability has been reduced by one level.

Mythical trick: hereinafter – any of your choice – at this stage you have collected almost all the most delicious tricks, so the choice is yours. You can take the second level of stealth, to always be invisible.

Supreme mythical trick: Using magic devices 3 – you get another spell book! Yes, now you have twice as many spells.

8 level

Mythic trait: School craftsmanship (Destruction) – increases your caster level for the school of Destruction by one.

9 level

Mythic ability: Abundant Enchant ++ – now you can prepare more spells of the seventh, eighth and ninth levels.

10 level

Mythic trait: Favorite school of magic (mythical): Destruction – your bonuses from Favorite School of Magic and Favorite School of Magic + are increased by one.


This section will be supplemented as information on the location of useful items for the Trickster becomes available..

You need items, increasing your Intelligence and Dexterity.

Be sure to buy metamagic sceptres. This is a very cheap and easy way to enhance your spells..

Be sure to wear items with a bonus to the caster level check (eg, Testament of the Heiress – Queen Goldfrey Belt Buckle, which can be collected from the Storyteller). Caster level check bonuses stack, so you can wear multiple items like this.

There are several items in the game, enhancing fire spells or enhancing sneak attacks. They will also significantly increase your damage..

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