Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: A guide to the broken monk paladinoracul

Pros and cons of the class


  • Huge protection
  • Huge saving throws
  • Ability Incredible Evasion +
  • Access to the oracle book
  • Small fast self-healing paladin


  • You can take the last name “Miss”. Do not dream of getting into hand-to-hand combat with anyone. but, as Vaas Montenegro bequeathed you will try every round, because. just from the very fact of the attack, your defensive stances are launched.
  • At the beginning of the game, you will die due to low initiative, but this problem will be solved with the level (further I will explain why this is happening)

Character Creation

Race: half-elf

Racial inheritance: brought up by relatives(it is important)

Biography selection: pickpocket

Attribute points:
Strength 7
Лвк 7
Wow 18
Int 13 (combat skill for the trait)
Mdr 7

Skill points: one per conviction, the rest can be thrown out because in our party there will be a skald, which will take over the pumping of all Knowledge

Tianka to taste, hair white


any law abiding good

Law Abiding Good


Date of Birth:
7 Eratus


1 level Monk scaly fist
Trait: combat prowess
Additional Monk Trait: evasion(this trait usually needs 13 Лвк, but the monk doesn't care, and it unlocks access to pumping the style of the crane)
Monk gains an additional armor bonus from the Charisma modifier, if not wearing armor and shield

2 level Oracle no subclass
A curse: Powerless curse
Gives us incredible evasion and incredible evasion +, which is almost a prerequisite for a tank
On 5 level gives +4 to the initiative, which partially solves our problem, which arose due to low dexterity
On 15 level gives +4 to defense and saving throws in the first round, which also solves our problem with survival until our turn comes.
A secret: Nature
Revelation: Whispers of nature
It was this revelation that allowed the creation of this imba. It will replace the agility modifier with the charisma modifier in the defense formula.. And now we got a character with an oracle book and a basic mental characteristic Charisma, the protection formula uses Charisma and he receives an additional monk bonus to defense against…Charisma
At the second level, we stand with a naked torso without clothes and protective buffs and have 23 armor
At this time, next to us stands the paladin-tank Siil in heavy plate armor and with a heavy shield and she is a little sad.
With a mythical dash Archmage Armor spell mystical armor at the end of the game will give us 14 protection. She went crazy, threw my armor in the trash, went to drink and sent this whole crusade to hell

3 and 4 level Paladin no subclass
At the second paladin level, we get a small paladin self-healing and talent Divine grace, which increases our saving throws by a modifier Charisma
On 4 level from this talent without gear, buffs and points invested in Charisma for levels, we have a bonus +6. Siila looked at her bonus +3, took the rope, soap, and for some reason left the room

At all subsequent levels, we swing Oracle and put glasses in Charisma

Required and useful traits

Required traits:

  • Evasion
  • Combat prowess
  • Crane style
  • Crane wing
  • Improved initiative

Useful traits:

  • Vitality
  • Toughie
  • Easy to get off
  • Fighting arrows
  • Expert-Persuasion

Defense spells


  • Shield- it is not in your book, but it can be thrown Alchemist with a dash Saturation or it can be read from a scroll
  • Barkskin - cannot be combined with protection necklace
  • Mystical Armor
  • Shield of Faith - Does not stack with protection ring
  • Eagle splendor - increases Charisma = Defense and Saving Throws, does not match with caps for mental characteristics
  • Marevo
  • Acceleration

In the book of the oracle itself, choose long-term buffs, which are cast before the fight, removing debuffs, to revive the nearby Wolf, aura of the archon(3 a circle) and control spells ala immobilize humanoid and so on, which can be cast by the end of the battle, when the bulk of the opponents died


At the beginning of the map, teammates coat you with buffs, you coat them with buffs, and when all the foreplay is over you go to crush faces.

At the beginning of the battle, a check is made for initiative and at the start of the game you will always fail it due to low agility. Until you start walking you are considered “taken by surprise” and don't have a bonus “Лвк”(See) to the defense. In addition, you have Defensive battle, Crane style and Combat prowess, which work one round, if during this round you tried to attack the enemy. Summarizing it all in the first round of the fight, since you are at the head of the party, all enemies will have time to slap you on the cheeks, some opponents can crit on your cheek and…wither. For the start of the game, this will be a completely normal situation..

Thanks to the biography, the curse of the oracle, line on initiative, and ,possibly, the mythical line, your initiative will grow strongly and you will be the first to move. In addition, the strength of the buffs will increase with the level., gear will be added and enemies will miss even, unless you have cut half of your defensive potential.

Your book is not the most combative, although, thanks to a huge mental characteristic, you
you can become an excellent magician. Taking a mythical trait Second secret you can diversify your book


You can take to the party Scalda Court poet. He can buff the whole team on +6 to all mental characteristics(Sho is the fiercest imba, this is +3 to the difficulty of all spells in the party and +3 to love) and you will additionally increase protection by 6 and all saves on 3 because of your talents.

Considering the tanka mage and the skald in the party, you can collect a party of magicians with your necromancer and whores skeletons. Coal fits perfectly into this party, if you buy her in 3 head of the ring “Red salamander” and “Ring of pyromancy”, and also restore the belt “Insulting Linds”

Explaining for gear

I have no complete information about things., add in the comments, if anyone knows
You must have one free hand, for talent to work Crane wing, you must not wear armor and shield, therefore only spells of armor and shield.
I found Kama “Aggressive defense”(xs where) gives +1 to the defense. You can take the line Kama's favorite weapon and Demonstration of strength, thanks to the huge charisma, we will successfully debuff enemies
Bought from a merchant “Silk veil” gives +1 to the defense, can only be worn by monks
Found the helmet of the lord of the wind +4 to the initiative


So we created this miracle with tremendous protection.,saving throws,incredible evasion +, which owns 8 circles of oracle magic and has enormous mental characteristics, to use them. All your offensive and defensive parameters depend only on Charisma. This is all you crave…Amaze people with their incredible power…CHARISMS.
Scoops should definitely rework the oracle talent. “Whispers of nature”. It is he who ties this entire multiclass together.…
HM…And where did Siila disappear?


A minute of math

When our tank disperses the armor, the enemy will still be able to hit him by throwing 20 of 20 (Probability 5%)

To crit on our tank, he will need 2 throw it out 20 of 20(Probability 0,25%)

Coal can work as a support. She has conspiracies:Protecting luck, Laughter, Evil eye. Protective luck is hung on an ally, when the enemy attacks an ally, he rolls the die twice and chooses the worst case. The evil eye debuffs the enemy on the selected stat. Laughter prolongs some of the witch's conspiracies and consumes an ACCESSORY action(it is important).

How it works? A fight begins and Ember throws luck on the tank as the main action, and the accompanying begins…to laugh out loud. In the next round, she throws the evil eye on the enemy and…continues to laugh. She can keep throwing evil eyes, luck and can cast spells, the main thing is not to forget to laugh, to prolong all effects.

Now let's look at our tank under Protective luck. Now to hit it you need 2 throw it out 20 of 20(Probability 0,25%), and to issue crit you need 4 throw it out 20 of 20(Probability 0,000625%)

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