SCP Containment Breach Multiplayer: Weapons in the game

This guide provides a list of weapons, meeting the campaign of your gameplay.


Complex zones
Zone 1 (Light Containment Zone)
This zone contains low-risk and safe facilities.. Is the initial.

Zone 2 (Heavy Containment Zone)
There are corridors in this zone, connecting containment chambers for Euclid and Keter objects. This zone is different in that, what, unlike other zones, consists mainly of tunnels and gloomy concrete rooms (exception - SCP containment chamber-079, the corridors of which resemble those in the Zone 3). Is additional.

Zone 3 (Entrance Zone)
Staff area. Different from other theme zones, that there are horizontal orange lines on the walls. Is the ultimate.

HK USP Tactical
HK USP Tactical - pistol, added to the game since version 1.1.0. In "breache" mode, it is included in the standard armament of the Guard., squad MTF and Chaos Insurgency, along with FN P90 and MP5-SD. Has a store on 12 cartridges.

Spawn points
Light containment area
  • On a warehouse shelf.

  • On a file cabinet in a testing chamber.

  • On one of the shelves of SCP-970 “Recursive room”.

  • On one of the shelves of the archive.

  • On a table in SCP-1162's containment chamber “Hole in the wall”.

  • On a table in SCP-1123's containment chamber “Skull of Cruelty”.
Entrance area
  • Cafeteria, first table from the stairs.

  • Small office.

  • SCP-860 Test Room.
P90 и MP5-SD
FN P90 and MP5-SD submachine gun - weapons, added with version 1.1.0 for multiplayer. These submachine guns are found on all Foundation security., MTF and Chaos Insurgency operatives.

Spawn points
Light containment area
  • Archive shelves.

Entrance area
  • Voice broadcast center.

  • Dr.'s office. Harp
Manual installation (AT-4 CS)
Entrance area
  • Dr. Harp's office.

  • SCP-860 Test Room.
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