SCP Containment Breach Multiplayer: Door codes

In this guide, you will learn the codes for the doors, and also where to find them.


Needs to be clarified, what:
  • Not all doors open.
  • Some codes are generated along with the map.
  • There may be useful things behind the doors.. For example, in Dr. Harp's office, the RPG will be completed.
Codes and where to find them:
Dr. Maynard's office:
With every new game, new code is generated. This code is in the note, which can be found in the pocket dimension SCP-106[], or via radio improved in SCP-914[] in Very Fine mode.

Dr. L's office:
Code – 1234, and also opens automatically when remote door control is on.

Dr. Harp's office:
Code – 7816, and can also be heard on the radio on the 5th wave.

Dr. Gears's office:
This door cannot be opened.

Containment cell door SCP-035[]:
Code – 5731, and can also be learned from the victim scientist SCP-035[].

Door to control room SCP-860[]:
This door cannot be opened.

The door to the command room at Gate B:
This door cannot be opened.
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