Halo Infinite: A beginner's guide to multiplayer

Multiplayer Halo Infinite Is Here, and you can play it for free. It means, making it easier to start playing Halo, than ever, no matter, whether you play on console or pc. New players will discover the epic heights of this multiplayer game, but, possibly, it will be difficult for them to understand some of the nuances and features of Halo.

Fortunately, this guide will help you become the best Halo player. With a little practice, you can apply these tips in your game and climb to the top of the leaderboard. However, the best advice is to play Halo with close friends and have fun with it.


Use your radar

The best strategic resource in Halo Infinite is your radar. You should look at the radar frequently while playing., especially on small maps. Radar lets you know, where are the nearest enemies, which gives you a huge advantage.

Knowing, where the opponents come from, you get the decisive chance to open fire first and, possibly, even take them by surprise. Your radar is your secret weapon, and if you combine it with smart thinking, you will become power, to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Try different types of weapons

There are many different types of weapons, and there are too many, to briefly describe them in this guide. Everything, what do you need to know, when will you start, It `s that, that your machine gun is a decent weapon in most situations, except for long range shooting. Your submachine gun may be the best choice when needed., but it shouldn't be your sniper gun. Much better weapons can be found throughout the map, and you can choose any of them.

Human weapons are usually fairly simple in concept., like sniper rifles, functioning like most sniper rifles. Alien weapon, on the other side, works as a special weapon and has its own unique quirks. Some weapons are more difficult to master, than others, so do not rush to learn how to use each of them. If you don't like some weapon, dont be upset, ignore it - the sea is full of fish..
(and if you had a test for him, I feel sorry for you)

Use the hit button

Longtime Halo fans know, how important is the bash button. Often, especially on small maps, you will come very close to opponents. Although you can do quite a lot of damage with weapons, when the enemy is near, a quick strike will do an incredible amount of damage.

Your punching attack is powerful, but hitting an opponent with a full shield won't kill him. Therefore, it is best to weaken the enemy's armor with a weapon, and then hit him. This combo will quickly kill the enemy and give you an edge., necessary to win close-up firefights.

Keep moving and head towards the goal

Halo works like many old school shooters, where constant movement is the key to survival. Very few moments, when you stand still. Do you want to move, because it makes you a trickier target to defeat. Moreover, you will pursue your goal in any game mode.

for example, if you play capture the flag, you must always move towards the enemy flag or defend your flag. The same way, in a team battle you need to head to the opposite corner of the map, to get some kills. The only strategy, which won't help, Is a camping, because actions are constantly moving around the map.

Learn to use different pribluda (Harpoon, shield, etc.)

One of the new gameplay changes in Halo Infinite is how gear works. Equipment now functions as an item, which can be found all over the map. Equipment has a limited number of uses, so you cannot grab a grappling hook and use it unlimited times.

There is a wide range of equipment, which you can find: fall shields, active camouflage, threat sensors, repulsors, movers, overshields and grips. Each equipment has its own advantages, and the best way to learn how to use it is to try it. Knowing how to use your gear is critical to your success in Halo Infinite.

Use ping and scan buttons

New to the Halo series is the addition of Ping and Scan buttons. On the keyboard, these will be the Z and X buttons. Ping buttons have become an integral part of the game and help you quickly contact the team.

Halo Infinite's ping system is a quick and dirty way to alert teammates of objects or enemies on the battlefield. The scan button highlights nearby weapon stands, gear and teammates. This scan can be useful for beginners., who are trying to notice these objects, and for those, who is new to the map.

Tell your grenades goodbye!

A common strategy in Halo is to throw grenades before or after a fight. The reason, by which you want to do it, is that, that grenades can do significant damage. If grenades explode near an enemy, this will give you an extra dose of damage, needed to kill him.

Maybe, you are not doing very well, and you want to help your teammates, inflicting damage on the enemy before dying. Anyway, grenades are a very useful tool, and you shouldn't be afraid to use them as often as possible.

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