Myth of Empires: Horse Guide. What are they. How to resurrect a horse.

In this guide, I will collect information regarding the horses in the game.. The guide is based on my personal observations, therefore, there may be no accuracy. I would be glad if you point out what is wrong with it and I will gladly add and fix it..


Raising a horse
So, Your faithful horse has been seriously injured for one reason or another (perished), but not completely died 🙂 Each horse has a vitality indicator – 600, I haven’t met more or less yet. Your horse will finally die only then, when this figure goes down to 0. At death, the horse immediately loses 20 points and more 1 point every half hour until it is resurrected. Here I have one test subject:

You can resurrect a horse in a stall. It is studied at 20 level.

After that, how did you build the stall, there are several sections in the upper right corner to switch. The first section shows horses, in the stall. The second section shows horses dying..

We go to the second section and see our sufferer.

We click on it and below they become active 2 buttons: resurrect our horse or finish off.

Click to resurrect, confirm our intention.

And now our horse goes to the first section. She has a timer, after which she will appear in the stable, where can you pick it up.

How to determine “class” horses before domestication
You've probably noticed, that horses differ in their appearance (not only suit). According to her “form” can be determined, what is this horse better for (combat, heavy truck, racing). Horses, which I will compare had different levels when taming.

The first horse is pretty “thin”, even thin-looking. She was 42 level.

Let's see her stats. She, by the way, still considered rare. Rare horses can be distinguished by their color, but more on that in another guide.

The speed is almost 900. Hp not much. Let's see in more detail her talents.

Horses can also have weak points.:

The description says, that you can get rid of the weak point, if the horse is completely healed or he disappears over time. This horse is already 1 once dying, but the weak point has not disappeared yet.

Let's look at the second horse. Noticeably, that compared to the first, it looks more massive. She was 34 level.

Let's look at her stats.

Compared to the first, this one has more weight to carry, even though, that they have a difference in levels. Let's consider talents in more detail:

By talents, this horse can be considered a fighting horse, and she also has a good weight, what can be used to transport goods.

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