Hollow Knight: How to defeat Radiance

What do you want the ending “There are no more dreams” then you come here, it tells about the amount of health, Radiance damage and attack analysis.

WARNING possible spoilers!!!


How to find?

Effulgence – this is the boss of dreams, so that, if there is no dream nail, then call.

Although I don't understand, how can you not get a dream nail for the game?
Well, and if there is, then this is not all the actions necessary for the battle.
Need to get the soul of a king, for which you must first get into the abyss.

But to fall into the abyss, need to get the brand of the king.

But first you need to defeat Hornet at the edge of the kingdom and go into the discarded shell.

After that we go into the abyss and to the right, for, to pick up the shade cape.

(Optionally, you can get the Cry of the Abyss.)

After that, go to the Queen's Gardens and go to the boss, the Betrayed Lord, and defeat him..

And we go to the queen, to get the white shard.

After that we go to the Seer ( Before that, having collected 1800 entities of course ) and awaken the nail of dreams.

Then you need to use the awakened nail of dreams on a corpse clad in white armor.
And get into the white palace.

And then you will receive the second shard and collect the king's soul.

Which has only plot benefit, because he takes 5 slots and gives very slow soul regeneration.
Now we go into the abyss and there the floor falls, then we go through the maze and hit the knight's mine with a dream nail.

After that we go up the abyss in the memories of the knight.

With this action you will receive the heart of emptiness.

Now we run to the temple of the black egg and see Hornet there. Here you can get as much 2 endings
“Sealed kinship” and “There are no more dreams”
But we go to the second option.
To fight the Radiance, gotta hit the hollow knight with a dream nail, when Hornet pierces his mask.

What are the indicators of the boss?

so, you entered the battlefield with Radiance.
For, to fight you need to challenge.

After the start of the battle, the name of the boss will appear on the full screen.

Touch Damage: –
Attack Damage:
Health: 1700 HP

How to dodge?

Radiance has a wide range of attacks and 5 stages.

1 stage

Radiance attacks 6 attacks.

Wall of nails on the right or left.

To dodge, make a shadow dash through the nail or jump into the gap (or we stand and are treated on 1 mask, if the gap on the platform).

8 rays of light in different directions 3 times

We just don't get caught up in the rays. Radiance focuses the rays before using them.
You can heal for one mask or use the scream of the abyss.

Attack with nails from above

We stand in large crevices. If you feel, that you will not reach, then just stand between the nails. If nails in a row with a gap in one place, then you can get medical treatment for 1 – 3 masks.

Attack with moving beams of light across the arena

Anyway, you need a shade cape or a devastating pique. (descending darkness), if the jerk is in rollback.

Running nails around

We look where the nails fly and stand in the cracks. There is a window for treatment on 1 – 2 masks. It is necessary to take into account, that nails twist in flight.

Orb Attack

Radiance launches 3 balls from different points of the arena, who have good
self-guidance. Dodging with a jump or dash.

2 stage

Basically everything is the same, but half of the arena is covered in thorns.

Wall of nails on the right or left

8 rays of light in different directions along 3 times

Attack with nails from above

Attack with moving beams of light across the arena

Running nails around

Orb Attack
This is where this attack starts to piss off, because spheres accelerate speed over time, and most often, during an attack with spheres, the side with spikes changes and you may not have time to jump or make a dash.

3 stage

Darkness begins to creep in from below…
At this stage, the edges of the arena are covered with thorns and the effulgence has 1 attack, which runs constantly and this:
Attack with nails from above

Radiance must be struck during this stage 15 times or 10, if you have fragile (indestructible) force.

4 stage

At this stage, the effulgence attacks with modified attacks 1 and 2 stages. The arena is divided into platforms, and the radiance teleports between them.

Wall of nails left or right

Changes to, what does not fly 4 row of nails a 3.

8 rays of light in different directions

No changes.

Attack with nails from above
Data not found.

Attack with moving beams of light across the arena

No changes.

Running nails around

No changes.

Orb Attack
You probably think, that the spheres will break on the platform immediately after spawning, but no, the developers thought it over and did so, what 1.5 seconds after sphere creation are not vulnerable to any platform.

5 stage

Radiance rises high up and shoots a beam of light at the player. The higher the player, the more accurate the shots.
Here we just go up and dodge the lasers., and do not fall into the blades of the void.

Vessels follow true emptiness…


When you climb to the very top, then there will be Radiance.
It is enough to make one blow with a nail and all the vessels will lose their target..
( Magic doesn't count! )

Then when the hollow knight's shadow rips open the boss's face, watching the beating of Radiance.

My recommended amulets assemblies

Here you need to go to the magician, because the boss is flying and use any amulets on the nail except
fragile or indestructible strength will not work.


Mage with nail damage:

or an indestructible analogue

Interesting Facts

Radiance is the root of infection, because she came to beetles in dreams. When they fought it, they became infected with the plague.

A tribe of moths worshiped effulgence, the statue on the crown of Halounest speaks about it.

And the Seer phrases.

During that, as the Hollow Knight in transmitting the plague to our vessel, can see, that it bursts and flashes the silhouette of Radiance.

Not docking Radiance could not contain the Hollow Knight, and she is only in his mind. But somehow the God-seeker was able to handle it better., than a vessel and contain already the Most High Radiance.

Effulgence – this is the second boss, who needs to be challenged by the first Lords of the praying mantis.

Radiance is referred to as a female being.

Effulgence – this is the only boss of dreams, who kills for real, because you wake up on the bench, the vessel is broken and next to a shadow.


There are no more dreams
Defeat the Radiance and absorb the light

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