Phasmophobia: New Questions Ouija Boards

Ouija Board Information
Ouija boardone of 6 cursed objects. Only one cursed item can appear on the map, guaranteed (1/6 board spawn guarantee). Using the board, you can find out the ghost's room and additional information about the ghost, maybe even play games with him.

Spawn locations have not changed.

Changed the board design and added new questions for the board.

New questions
IN – question
ABOUT – answer (possible answers)

Ghost Questions:

IN: How did you die? (How did you die?)
ABOUT: Fell (Fell), Drowned (Drowned)

IN: How do you feel? (How are you feeling?) / Are you Okay? (Are you okay?) / What’s up? (How are you?)
ABOUT: Weak (weak), Excited (excited)

IN: Where is the bone? (Where is the bone)
ABOUT: Shows you the room where the bone is, eg: kitchen (kitchen).

IN: Do you hate me? (You hate me?)
ABOUT: No (not), yes (Yes)

IN: Why are you here? (Why are you here?)
ABOUT: You (Because of you)

IN: Are you young? (You are young?)
ABOUT: His(her) age.

IN: Are you old? (You are old?)
ABOUT: His(her) age.

IN: Are you alone? (You are here alone)
ABOUT: 1, 0

IN: Do you talk to everyone? (You answer everyone?) – helps you determine if the ghost will answer you in private.
ABOUT: Yes (Yes), no (not)

Ghost games:

IN: Knock-knock (here and there)
ABOUT: Who’s there? (who's there?)

IN: Marco (Marco)
ABOUT: Polo (polo)

IN: Hide-and-seek (Hide and seek)
ABOUT: Countdown begins, you have 5 seconds, to give gas.

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