Red Dead Redemption 2: We remove “SOAP” and ripples (Detailed picture + graphics card settings)

If you've played Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, you probably encountered “soap” and flickering at default settings. Unlike GTA V, Where “from the box” everything is fine, RDR 2 ported from consoles rather clumsily. Let's try to get rid of these unpleasant effects in the most popular 1080p resolution..


Game settings

For most video cards, it is recommended to set anti-aliasing TAA: it does not consume much resources. Wherein, the picture looks more voluminous, than with other types of anti-aliasing. The only drawback of TAA – this is the same “soap”, which we will remove with other settings.

I put TAA on “high” or “average”, then we twist the sharpness to the maximum:

Further, because of that, the developers were smart with porting, the game has a broken 1080p render. At resolutions of 2K and higher, the game turns into candy. We are considering setting up for the most common Full HD monitors at the moment. (according to Steam statistics, about 65% players use this permission). Therefore, in this case, we set the scaling to 1.25x:

What does it give? In fact, the game will be rendered at a resolution of 2400x1350 (almost 2K). The picture becomes much clearer, flicker disappears on distant objects. If the video card allows, you can put 1.5x or even more.

+ Tuning for your GTX graphics card

In the game itself, press Alt + F3 and set filters “Detailing” and “Sharpness”. We set the settings approximately as in the screenshot:

I put TAA on “high” or “average”, then we twist the sharpness to the maximum:

You can play with the sliders a bit..

+ Setting for your Radeon graphics card

Only one sharpening option is available for AMD graphics cards. Press Alt in the game + R, turn on Radeon Image Sharpering:

Compare before and after

We look “dill” Images: the difference is immediately visible. The image on the right is much clearer and more pleasing to the eye, there is also no flicker in the speaker.

As a result, it turned out awesome picture. Have a good game!

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