HighFleet: Starting ships and what they are eaten with

An overview of starter ships and their modifications from a beginner to beginners.


Hello everyone. I started playing highfleet recently and played enough 10 hours, however, I spent almost all of this time trying out the initial ships and constant restarts to find the optimal setup.
Immediately writing an important disclaimer. I am writing this small analysis solely because I want to and I did not find information about the ships in the quick access., to explain to a beginner what it is all about, how does it work and what is it for. In the game, I reached maximum 20-30 percent, so my humble review is naturally not complete, however, this is the advantage. My task is not to assemble an uberbombatten flotilla that blows apart strike groups with one spit at all stages of the game. (for this there are already guides for creating imbalanced flying coffins), and collecting a balanced flotilla and solving the initial problem “what to take”. Yes, our assistant Peter rightly notes: “take the reds” and this, partly, truth, but reality, as always, a little harder.
In short theses:
-I'm in the game recently, my review from newbie to newbie. A plus, naturally, I propose a discussion.
– my task, without spoilers, is to outline the advantage of certain ships at the beginning of the game with a reserve for the future.
– consider ships and their modifications while maintaining immersion and no realism. Well, I really do not like pumped flying coffins with two layers of armor. So there will be only original ships and their light modifications..
– the calculation is based on the average player's skill. Let's try without destroying “Roaring” shock groups.
– All modifications, prepositional me, easy enough to install and no visual presentation, but I am attaching screenshots of modified ships.
Sorted out with the beginning, so now to tasty.

To this small cheap boat, I experienced almost the entire range of emotions from misunderstanding at the beginning, incredible love in the middle and until gradual disappointment at the end. After a couple of warm-up games, I thought the idea of ​​a small bomber to capture cities was wildly cool. You quickly fly up to the city, you drop bombs and finish off the rest. Several attempts, when I successfully dropped bombs on heavy corvettes such as palladin and gladiator and destroyed them with one hit – only reinforced my confidence in this kid. I have improved it, adding a couple of motors, and also replaced the standard six-barreled gun with a balanced 100mm autocannon and was pleased… until a certain point. Over time, I began to understand, that the rook has more problems, what is the use. The most important thing was covered in bombs. First, I thought, what 1 a ton bomb will blow small ships to shreds, and large ones at least seriously injure. It turned out, that this is not entirely true. If, at the very least, everything worked out with small ships, although sometimes very strange survivors have occurred, then everything turned out to be very sad with the big ones. If you don't hit some important module or God forbid, the bomb will fall into the armor, then all, getting practically into a putso. Can a layer of armor and remove, but not more. And without bombs, rook, even reinforced, practically useless. I started to reinforce strike teams with additional Petrel-type frigates., to finish off large ships, however, this solution is even more stupid, petrels have a different task, and the meaning is in the grave, if you can just hang bombs on the same petrel?
Moreover, there is an important point in the bomb mechanic: they are quite tangible after dropping and can be hit by your ship after detaching. That is, they took aim, sblsili, but at the last moment they decided to strafe to the right of enemy fire and at the same time captured the already detached, but the bomb had not yet had time to fly off the ship and threw it a little further and that's all – the bomb is flying in the wrong direction, where did you aim. And this is at its best. The situation is quite possible, when did you drop the bomb, strafanulis down and caught her with his own head with a predictable result. It turns out, that it is no longer possible to hang a bunch of bombs as it turns out, it is necessary that they are preferably located under the belly in a horizontal position. As a result, I decided to improve Rook drastically, attach cannons and add engines for maneuverability. I.e, the ship would no longer be just a bomber, and in a corvette bomber. I asked a logical question, “and nahu… why, when you can just hang a couple of bombs on a normal ship”. Sobsna, this question and buried the Rook in my eyes. Below you can see my attempt to upgrade this kid..

Here the analysis will not be so much the ship, how many weapons. I haven't figured out tactical missiles yet, but managed to meet. I can say so, they are strong enough, to give you headaches, but weak enough, to actively use them yourself. I came under fire from a missile carrier once and it was unpleasant, but nothing critical. I didn't know then, how to organize air defense and used two “Fennec” and, sobsna, Sevastopol itself with missiles. Half managed to shoot down, the other half went to the cruiser. The ship was not shot down, but repairs cost a pretty penny. So we can conclude, that you don't particularly shoot at the enemies. Ordinary ships can be shot down anyway, and the larger strike groups have missile defense missiles, which are those two starts, which Yars has even a cannon shot will not allow (and if they let, then they will be crumbled by six-barreled guns). truth, I have not tried nuclear missiles, but they, if anything, Sevastopol also has. As a result, I see little sense in the ship, considering also the prices of missiles. The only conclusion, which I consider necessary to do, it's own missile defense, which needs to be taken care of and what we will do when modifying the following ships.

Now let's take a look at one of my favorite ships.. At first, I took lightning exclusively for intercepting convoys with which she coped remarkably. In theory I thought, that the weak security of the convoy compensates for the lack of armor, and good maneuverability with two 100mm autocannons will help you quickly deal with weak ships. However, I could not imagine how agile and powerful she is.. 14 in the deadlift section does something unimaginable on the battlefield. Armor is contraindicated for this baby, because it is easy to not get a single hit on it at all. And that, I still think in terms of “average skill player” which I am. As soon as you take the wheel, you will immediately understand everything. Maximum responsive controls with practically LIGHTNING (lol) change of direction. The only thing, you will constantly observe a black screen and hear gachi from the crew in the background, for the overloads are the wildest. And even the experienced crew perk does not greatly improve the situation., but it's worth it. Two 100mm cannons are also very good. Perfectly pierce armor and carry ships only on the way, and excellent speed and maneuverability allows you to quickly fly up, discharge almost at point blank range and quickly rush off to recharge. truth, and if there are more than 4 enemies, it will be tight, because you will have to constantly dodge regular shelling from different sides, however, even then you can pick up a couple of volleys, and quickly dump into the sunset.
Very large ships are also a problem. – they lack firepower, maybe you will be able to successfully dodge volleys and missiles, but while you are picking these flying coffins, you will simply run out of fuel.
As a result, we have an excellent ship – convoy interceptor, who is quite capable of capturing cities, especially if we improve it a little, which is what we will talk about now.
As I wrote above, I wanted to make a shock corvette out of Rook. What for, when there is lightning? We hang a couple of bombs under it and all the joy. At first I took 2 rook and 2 lightning. Now we can take 3 or even 4 lightning.
You can also take care of the air defense of our flotilla. We put a couple of R-9 “sprint” and a radar for fire control, the cheapest MR-2M, and now a multitasking corvette useful at all stages of the game is ready. This will not make our design more expensive or heavier.. Rockets are not expensive, a plus, if anything, you can remove a couple from sevostopol, if needed. You can rightly note, and inscribed on the shock corvette of the missile defense missile, you can just dabble. I agree, I will answer, however, we need missiles to protect the entire convoy. The bottom line is, what if we let “sprints” only from the flagship, then they have a good chance of missing the target, and if you launch rockets from different positions, then almost always the package gets lost.
However, if the toad is pressing hard, put the radar on the combat corvette, then you can not bet (although sprints are cheap, and radar too, but on the other side 4 air defense lightning is already a bit bold, you can take 2 Air defense version, and two regular), since we will upgrade “wave” just below and without air defense we will definitely not stay.
We take 1-2 Lightning is required to intercept, rest – of your choice.

If you want to completely make a luxury premium version of Lightning, you can hang active defense Broadsword-1. It does not make the ship much heavier, gives good protection, but a circular and even a half-way installation is not sickly so will increase the cost of the ship, so choose yourself.

It was about this wave that I spoke above.. There is nothing special to tell. This is a tanker that increases the range of your shock units.. Need to, eg, get information about the enemy, and the tropospheric station is not at all on the way, take the Wave, add the same Lightning, load them with fuel to the dump (twist the fuel regulator on the right side of the screen) and in the raid. They take over, get info, refuel and head back to your main fleet, which flies along the paved route. I heard, that they are underestimated and not taken. I do not know, I use this ship regularly and for its intended purpose, and if also “sprints” hang and add radar, then this unarmed tanker turns into a not very elegant, but from this no less effective air defense. The only thing, have to sweat with the installation of the radar. I did like this, raised round radar (which MP-21 is like) higher, lengthened the rack, on which he stands and shoved the MR-2M there.

Small air defense ship. Took it, I did my job poorly, but that's all. It has nothing valuable and interesting except for air defense missiles. Since we decided to hang missiles on other ships, then its usefulness is minimal.

Upgraded version of the Rook. Nice ship, if we hadn't attached bombs to Lightning, and so, his work was selected by young and energetic. Rip grandfather.

Great ship. Literally a tough middle man. Armor protects well, and the cannons “hammers” rip apart the enemy with almost every hit. I would sing his praises, if not for Lightning. Painfully I liked her. therefore, I think, what to work “wet medium ships” to which the petrel is directed, Lightning is also suitable, for cannons, if you want, can be replaced, hang two missiles in the same way (she even has suspensions for missiles also on the sides, current empty), and the armor is more than compensated for by the maneuverability. But these are my cockroaches, if in doubt or in your skill, or in Lightning or something else – feel free to take the Petrel instead of the third or fourth Lightning – you will not regret. I also tried to upgrade it:

Actually – big tanker. What is his joke and did not understand. Worth a lot, speed is not enough, weak weapon. Not, you can win on it, and there is armor and missiles, but we got to big ships – almost all of them can shoot down small ships, it's just that the price / efficiency ratio varies greatly between them. I did not find my role in the Wanderer. Like a tanker “wave” better and cheaper and more speed, and the tanker doesn't really need weapons. On the extreme, you can shake and arm the wave.

There he is, the real boss of this aerial rocking chair. Strong as a dominant female gorilla, clever how room math… Okay, maybe not very smart, but more than compensates for this with strong almost circular armor and weighty arguments in the form of 4 paired 100mm autocannons whose salvo will not leave anyone indifferent,and good maneuverability allows you to dodge the most painful volleys. This is a real fighter, which will be a formidable opponent for almost any ship… especially if we screw something to him. In general, the Gladiator is a great ship in itself., but since due to the peculiarities of the combat mechanics, maneuverability rules the ball, therefore, a couple of additional engines will not be superfluous. Do not be afraid, as I said above – without pumping and cleaning, just remove the chassis, we put two engines in their places and add on the large square of the case on the left and right where we hang the retracted chassis. We can also protect launchers with large armored elements. (otherwise they will be regularly shot down under fire, and the gladiator's rockets are expensive). You can also use armor from below., between engines. Everything, The gladiator is ready. Moreover, something strange happened to me and the modified version turned out to be 2 thousand cheaper than the default. I do not know why, mb because I changed the reinforced hull to a regular one, or something else important removed, but did not affect the efficiency. You can see below, can understand, who knows, that I removed such an important thing there. Mb heat traps…

Cheetah has a similar situation with a wanderer. Kind of big, like armor, seems to be at war like that even, but the kids do an excellent job of it. The only difference is, that the wanderer is a tanker, and the cheetah is air defense. Why pay more?
Even in the description they write, that it is too expensive for an artillery duel. Well, then we will leave it in the hangar.

Everything is the same as for Yars, the same eggs, the current is several times higher. Even the description says, what to use it skillfully. I can not. Moreover, nuclear missiles, cost even more.

I have a separate conversation with aviation. I love aircraft carriers wildly, so Krechet began to try almost in the first trail. Launched standard planes, who could not do anything with their 37mm and were blown away. I didn’t doper, where can they change weapons. How did he start to figure it out later?, weapons change in cities in the section “supply”. I'll try on a weekend, but from that, I already know I can reason like this:
Aviation, in principle, can be quite effective if you use NURs or FABs against ships, plus the plane can be replaced quite cheaply and quickly, but it takes a long time to repair the ship, however, large strike groups usually have air defense, and when cities are attacked, the alarm is raised, so there is a double edged sword. Best of all aviation, it seems to me, will reveal itself in reconnaissance and false strikes. With intelligence, think, all clear, planes fly fast and far, although they see little, but false strikes are cool stuff.
Take a different road, and you yourself arrange a strike on one of the cities, where the nearest strike group is sent, which needs to be bypassed. A plus, aircraft can be used to defend themselves against other aircraft and even missiles. The only advice about this particular ship I can give one – a little expensive. Once I saw a mercenary on a smaller aircraft carrier in the city, cost 20 more than pieces. This price is just right, so you can either try to make an avik in the editor or start without it and hope to find it in the hike.

I repent, I never tried it, but in this game the big ships (especially the player) it's hard. Maybe they can single-handedly destroy the strike team, but, usually absorb so much damage, that you then go broke on repairs. Plus you already have a flagship “Sevastopol” which is enough for the eyes. So I did not take and do not advise you.

Our main ship, flagship. What can I say here. All the problems and advantages have already been listed above.: he rarely comes to a fight, only if they press hard, but in battle it crumbles be healthy, actually, like almost any large cruiser. And it absorbs damage the same way. Fighting on large and slow ships is not profitable. In this case, the function of the flagship is performed by. Radar rejoices, missiles rocket. The only one I can give you important advice. In defensive armament near Sevastopol are AK-725. IMHO but these 57 mm guns are some of the crapiest in the game. Caliber is not much higher, and the rate of fire, in comparison with six-barreled guns several times lower, but for defensive weapons this is critical. You will constantly lack the density of fire to destroy missiles and aircraft. At the same time, their damage remains low. Unfortunately, as I understand, you cannot change the weapons of Sevastopol in the editor, so shoot these disgusting 57 graph paper and put divine 37mm “2A37” will have to, as they say, in field.
From Anarch

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