Where to find all the Mumblers in Far Cry 5

Π’ Far Cry 5 you can collect six collections of rare items. One of them is a set of noggin figurines, the basis for which was a bear named Cheeseburger. They're scattered all over Hope County, so do not forget to find a helicopter for operational collection. It will allow you to quickly move from place to place.
Whitetail Mountains - Baron Sawmill
If you haven't already freed this place from the Cult, then get ready for a lot of enemies.

After the fight, climb the stairs next to the huge hangar and enter the window.
Bashkotryaz will be waiting for you in the kitchen.

Whitetail Mountains - Whitetail Park Ranger Station
The place is located southwest of the center "Fang". Near him you can meet enemies. be careful.
Enter the main building and go to the table in the next room.

Bashkotryaz is on the dresser.

Whitetail Mountains - Island north of the Grand View
Sail north from the hotel to a small island. There may be bears on it, be careful.
There is an old log cabin next to the water..

Inside you find the mumbo jumbo. He will be on the bed.

Whitetail Mountains - Runway
Bashkotryaz will be in a closed building next to the runway north of the Klyk Center., climb to the roof of the power plant, and then to the adjacent radio tower.
After parachuting, jump onto the roof of the building from the screenshot.

Whitetail Mountains - Whitetail Park Center
The center will be packed with enemies, if you haven't visited it yet.
Climb the stairs and turn left towards the gift shop. Bashkotryaz will be on an empty shelf.

Whitetail Mountains - South Park Entrance
The place is on the border of the territories of John and James, north of Ray-Ray Pumpkin Farm. Climb the wooden stairs to a small landing. Bashkotryaz is on the ground next to the garbage.

Holland Valley - School of St. Isidore
An abandoned school is located east of Falls End.. Enemies are near her. A school bus can be seen near the building. Walk around the main building and climb onto the roof. On the chimney, in the nest, there is a set of keys for a small building nearby. Take the keys and move to him. Come inside and grab your head off the shelf.

Holland Valley - Bradbury Barn
Find a barn, north of the circle-symbol. The terrain is restless. Prepare for an encounter with the Cult. Walk up to the small building next to the barn. Go around it, see a boarded up window. Break the boards and make your way inside. Bashkotryaz is inside a large broken refrigerator.

Henbein River - "Pizza Bar 8-Bit"
8-Bit Pizza Bar is located west of Hope County Jail in Vera's grounds.
Just go through the front door and head to the kitchen.. Bashkotryaz is on the shelf next to the stacks of plates.

Henbain River - Finney House
The location you need is on the outskirts east of the Vera region. Probably, that a group of enemies will be waiting for you. Prepare to meet them in all weapons. Go to the house and enter it. Bashkotryaz is waiting for you at the wall on the kitchen counter. Congratulations, now you have all the mummies. Return to Dave, to get the well-deserved reward for collecting teddy bears.

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