Terraria: Skeletron Dungeon Guide

Here I will talk about loot and secrets in the dungeon!
Main loot
After defeating the boss post. Queen Bee “Skeletron”, you will be given access to the dungeon.

In the dungeon, you can find a bunch of traps and dangers, but don't forget about loot! (Some I may not be able to mention)

Mobs and vases can drop “Golden Keys” to the dungeon chests. There is a lot of loot in the chests themselves, about which in more detail.

Blue Moon: Weapon style “Mace” which emits light when attacked. The very same damage at the mace 54, a lot as for pre. Hardmoda.

Muramasa: Weapon style “Sword” which also emits light when attacked. Muramasa damage 18-19 (Very few for post. Skeletron) but the increased attack speed on 15%. Muramasa is used to create “Edge of the Night” sword which 45 (About) damage.

Cobalt Shield: This is an accessory that will allow you not to push off from enemy attacks. It can be improved with “Obsidian Skull”

Valor: Weapon style “Yo Yo” from 22 damage. Hold on to it 12 seconds.

Dead ends everywhere in the dungeons? No problem.

If you have noticed that it stands out from ordinary bricks (Cracked) they can be easily broken with a pickaxe and you will open another corridor.

Beware of traps “Shipov” which hang either on the ceiling or on the walls.

They look like thorns. Pierce your armor, and do significant damage.

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