Forza Horizon 5: All achievements

Total in the game 53 achievements
I will update this guide, adding tips and information on add-ons, when they come out


Welcome to Mexico

Get to the Mexico Horizon Festival Grounds.

Straight to the point

Complete any Horizon Race.


Complete the On the Wings of Prayer Show Run.

First meeting

Take part in the Horizon Arcade.

Roof over your head

Unlock the player's first home.

The first love

Buy your first car at a car dealership.

This is the way

Start a new chapter of Horizon adventure.

Hello Horizon!

Unlock the Horizon Final Race for the first time.

Real show

Win all show races.

Odyssey off the beaten path

Build a Wilderness Horizon Outpost.

Ask anyone (the present) racer

Build a Street Spirit Horizon Outpost.

Far from the maddened crowd

Build the Peak Horizon Outpost.

You can always make money in Bach

Build a Horizon in Bach Outpost.


Build a Fever Horizon Outpost.

In the hall of fame

Enter the Horizon Hall of Fame.

How to overtake friends and influence people

Receive 3 stars for the Tristan chapter of the Horizon story "Born to Speed".


Receive 3 stars for all chapters of one Horizon story.

Tourist magnet

Complete a Horizon Tour for the first time.

show, What can you do!

Take part in any EventLab ride, created by another player.

Good karma

Give another player a credit as a token of gratitude.

Cover photo

Take a picture of the Mercedes-AMG ONE 2021 years to promote Horizon.

Will go to press

Make 50 shots of legendary vehicles to promote Horizon.

Forza Edition to my collection

Win a Forza Edition vehicle in a bonus game or super game.

Loyalty to the manufacturer

Get a bonus from the manufacturer.

I can be considered a fan

Get a manufacturer bonus for a collection from 25 cars and more.

An incredibly valuable thing

Find and photograph Tlaloc's golden totem.

Look under every stone

Complete your first expedition.

Splashes of champagne

Win a Bouncer victory for the first time.


Complete Super 7 to the end.

Veteran of the season

Perform an Action on Festival Games during each of the seasons.

Select route, to conquer, to repeat

Win in 80 different races in Mexico.

The triumph of the invincible

Win in 6 different races, competing with the driver on the "Invincible" difficulty.

Living legend

Receive 294 stars for daring antics in Mexico.

I stand above you

Get it 3 victories in the "Rivals" mode in 3 different performance classes on one machine.

Unlimited skill!

Complete Round 3 of the Horizon Arcade in all five themed races.

Auto reconnaissance

Take a ride on all the roads of Mexico.

With maximum efficiency

Complete all runs in one series of festival games.

In perfect condition

Rebuild 14 rarities in Mexico.

Complete collection

Find and shoot down everything 250 prize stands in Mexico.

Winged Ford

Receive 3 stars for the sign "Dangerous!"-" Eagle ledge ", driving a Ford Supervan 3.


Buy everything 7 houses, available to the player.

Long way

Win the Goliath Race.

Smash them all

Complete 5 Seasonal Challenges in the Fragile Items category.

The racer's cactus is afraid

Shoot down 500 cactus during the wet season in Mexico.

Tsar's exit

Take a photo of your car outside the Mirador Balderrama Hotel at sunrise, capturing monarch butterflies.

Dust on the lens

Take a picture of the Gran Telescopio during a dust storm.

Stunning shot

Take a photo during a tropical storm.

Golden heart

Send a gift to another player.

Autonomous swimming

Receive 3 stars for the paths of the pioneer "Puerta Petrea" and "La Marisma" during 2 minutes.

You are the champion!

Win any Horizon Open Race.

Treasure hunter

Find all the treasure chests in one series of festival games.


Finish in 5 Horizon Tour Arrivals, overtaking all the drivers.

New wave
Find a Suitable Location for the Horizon Pulse Beacon.

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