Forza Horizon 5: Easy farm (EXP, MONEY and WHEELSPIN)

Easy farming of things like EXP and MONEY and WHEELSPIN and LVL and Car Points


How to legally farm everything in the game

The game has the ability to create your own racing tracks in the menu Event Lab at any starting point of any race.

The route and checkpoints can be set in such a way that bots(even the most difficult) passed sections not at optimal speed. The higher the complexity of the bots, the higher the reward for winning. Therefore, this is the best way to create a great farm map., where anyone can cope with the most complex bots.

This is one such race that will be discussed..

Total farming on a sports car at a speed of 380 km / h + no bonuses for 1 time(how long the race lasts) 5kk-15kk(how lucky with the roulette and there are more of them 20 will be) we can and more and somewhere 100 karlevela(autotalent) and levels 5 to the account exactly.

Sprint “Llanuras” / Ring race “EXP AND MONEY = 1 HOUR”

For farming, it is desirable to have a car of performance class X.

With a maximum speed higher 380 km / h otherwise farming will take longer than an hour.

Further easier…
We come to Sprint “Llanuras” which is located here on the screen:

Single player game

Select Creations from EVENTLAB and …

… there press on the keyboard Backspace(Search)
Enter the name there “EXP AND MONEY = 1 HOUR” well, or at least part of the name and press “Confirm”

This track appears

Select difficulty, so that the bonus is +100% yes, the box is also preferably manual, but not necessarily, the rest will not create problems because. drive in a straight line 99% the way.

Sobsno the track itself and the nuances

Start and immediately right (a couple of bots will blunt here already)

Driving in a straight line 380 km / h and above, along the way we farm vehicle points(there is a forza of the car with bonuses on them)

Having reached the checkpoint in front of the ring, slow down

Having passed the last checkpoint on the ring, we go(we jump) immediately to the next(bots will slowly call in, but we are not)

Then we drown in a straight line, which narrows at the end, but there is nothing wrong with that. We enter the turn and go to the checkpoint in front of the second ring where we also slow down shortly before it, but as much as possible.

We drive straight through the final checkpoint on the roundabout and turn around at 180 degrees by drifting at least in any other way(bots here will slowly slow down and drive around the ring)

We take the last checkpoint on the ring and drown to the finish line
At the finish line you have to move onto the grass …

… and as well as on the second ring, pick up a checkpoint with a U-turn on 180 degrees

And here is NUANCE
The finish area itself is not visible, but her “checkpoint” visible, you need to take it, the next checkpoint is also visible, he is from the next lap of the race

That's the whole circle. Then repeat 14 time ))) And after an hour pick up the award.

Race income (1time)

This is about net income ie. based on a car without bonuses from FORZA EDITION and without pumping AUTOTALANTS

Money income 1.500.000-2.000.000 credits
Machine experience points(Autotalent) 100-150
Account levels 5-7
Wheelspins(loot boxes / roulettes) 20-30

But it is worth remembering FORZA EDITION cars for a bonus to EXPERIENCE / MONEY / High-speed technicians and they boost rewards a lot, as well as cars with fully pumped auto talent(especially those, who have talents for high-speed and clean techniques)

The race itself does not give as much money as we would like, but significantly outperforms similar ones in wheel spins, but they can drop any cars and money.
FROM 20 wheel spins, on average, one car at the price of 1kk-5kk falls almost certainly and more cars 5-10
The rest is money – 1kk-2kk and gear 3-5 pieces.

From DarevaL

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