Myth of Empires: Toxicity and poisonous miasms (What is it and how to treat)

In this guide, I will break down the effects of toxicity and toxic miasms on a character., where do they come from and how to treat them.


Toxicity and poisonous miasms. What is it and where does it come from

You've probably noticed, that your character has such indicators during the game and they change:

These are kind of debuffs, which rise or fall from various influences on your character.
Let's take a closer look at their impact..
First stripe “Toxicity”. Is increasing, when your character takes damage:

Second stripe “Poisonous Miasms” (endurance). Is increasing, when your character dies:

Third stripe “Poisonous Miasms” (lifting capacity). Increased from drug use, tonics and raw food:

How to treat
We need a stove to cure this ailment.. It is studied at 18 level.

To prepare the food we need, you must have a vegetable garden with rice, wheat and sorghum.
And a stone mill is needed. It is studied at 16 level.

Next, you need to learn the recipe for food.. They open on 23 level.
After that, how we studied everything and put the stove on we need to cook food, namely:

Cooked rice lowers the rate “Toxicity” by 1% per serving. And gives a bonus to stamina on 30 minutes.
Second strip (endurance) goes down quite easily. Eating regular cooked meat is enough.
For the treatment of the third strip, we need bread:

It also lowers the 1% per serving. And it gives a bonus to HP for 30 minutes.
P.S. “Low quality rice” with an image of a bag with white contents this is flour, made from wheat.
Most likely, this is not the only food, which reduces negative effects on the character. But for now, use it 🙂 I hope my guide was helpful to you. I am happy to hear your opinion and will try to answer your questions..

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