Dead by Daylight: beginner's guide 2021 (killer builds without DLC)

Newbie, healthy! So you tried to play the Surv and understood, that it's not yours? Wanted blood, which you are not emitting? Welcome to the killer world! Tea is poured, cookies nearby? Go – “BEST BUILDERS FOR KILLERS WITHOUT PURCHASE OF DLC).


Brief introduction before the main part of the video – everything said on this topic is my opinion, which may not match your. Welcome to comments 🙂

If you prefer video format – all for you:

In the previous guide, we had the same topic, but the main characters were the survivors.
Killers are free for 2 less and therefore we will have less variability in our builds, but we'll try. Each of the assassins has three unique perks, which can be pumped out to 30-35-40 the level of the blood web. After that, the perks cease to be unique and will randomly come across in each web of the character you swing. Unlike survivors, each mana has a unique ability, which distinguishes them from each other. Someone has radical differences (ghost – nurse), someone has minimal (foot terpily). Therefore, choosing that, who will you play for, weigh all the pros and cons of each killer, playing without perks and improvements.

General Perks

Let's start, traditionally, from common perks:
total perks 12, divided into 2 group
1and I – bad / situational
2and I – worthy of attention to the first group 9 perks you can play with either for a specific build, either take out of despair.

the second group opens NOED – thought for a long time in which category to define him and decided, that he is still not bad. But not for me. I am a party to victory (well, or defeat) before opening the gate and therefore stopped appreciating this perk (but it does not mean, that he or any other perk I will NEVER take). Its usefulness is, that after the generator factory the survs will have the effect of vulnerability and you can one-shot with the main weapon (with which you attack with LMB). Minus of this perk, that he is totemic and after that, how was he cut down? – the effect disappears (but there are rumors, that it will be made not totemic and the killer will have two minutes to implement, however, we will not turn the guide into one of the federal TV programs, which are based on rumors and speculation)

next perk – sloppy butcher – basic attacks apply bleeding and trauma effects, the first effect increases the amount of blood, which emits Surv and is easier to track down on the trail of blood, second – reduces the rate of treatment by 20% (say hello to samohil)

And last, underestimated by many, but my love – whispers. This is the best perk for finding a survivor in many situations.. The first time you will not understand anything absolutely, but with time, when you do learn the language of essence – this perk will be on your favorites list. A little advice for beginners, try to focus not on sound, and to activate the icon – so you will quickly begin to understand in which direction to go after the survivor.

Killer Perks

Compared to free services, free killer perks are pretty dumb – mana problems are obvious – genrash, search for surv, size of maps for pedestrians and so on.. and so if we find something to search for survs, then it's already hard with genrash. But in order:

Nyursa, Nyurochka, Nusra (Nurse) –
Thanataphobia – for every wounded, of the dying or hanged man, the speed of actions of the rest is reduced by 5% and can reach 20%. At all, this is the only free perk, who can somehow suspend the genrash, but this requires the condition, keep survs plundered.
Nurse call – you can see the auras of the surviving heals in the radius 28 meters from you, this will help you finish off the wounded who has the imprudence to shuffle in the call zone (often survs are healed next to man, having the iron will perk and thinking, that they are safe, but with this perk you can explain to them, that they are wrong)

Hunter, Trapper, Trap –
we will take one perk from him – brutal force – with it we will break down walls, generators and boards on 20% faster. This will allow us to start closing the distance faster., eg, after board breakage.

Billy, Redneck, Bilas –
the lame owner of the saw has a craftsman, which allows you to get the stealth effect (remove red glow and terror) on 16 seconds, when one of the generators is turned on 70% (perk became playable, after being uplifted in one of the recent patches, previously, the effect was triggered when the generator was repaired by 85% and lasted 12 seconds, which did not allow you to often have time to get close to the generator).

We have a hunter Anyuta and a ghost Nikolai, who do not have perks for playing for results (but you can certainly bend with the territorial imperative)

“Skeleton” picture

What we have: NOED, butcher, whispers, thanophobia, nurse call, brutal strength and skill

Of course not very thick, but let's combine something.

butcher – nurse call – thanatophobia looks like a strategy, to keep the survivors as plundered as possible. they will heal longer thanks to the butcher, you will see healers in a radius 28 meters and not let them finish what they started, and thanatka will stop their actions (except the hill, which is not affected by the skill after the patch 4.3.0) – take the fourth one from the remaining (no, whispers, brutal strength and skill)

Who to start playing for

A few words about the gameplay, killers in front of you in that order, in which they require skill, from smallest to largest. Take the easiest to manage, to start understanding the basic mechanics of the game.

So who should I buy something?!

it all looks very poor and you want to make something more playable faster, I will tell you the order of acquiring characters.
1. Bubba masthev (the barbecue and chili perk will allow you to farm at crazy speed) – but it can only be bought for real money
2. Buy the clown with rainbow shards – take away the prank and the devil from the snuffbox
3. then, for the same game currency – plague – and the intervention of the filth

And now you already have a build, which you can take 1 rank, absolutely calm. But do not immediately rush to the top of the red ranks., train and hone your skills gradually and the ranks will come)

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