Dead by Daylight: Small tips for every killer

Don't place traps in the center of the board. Survivors can drop the board and the trap becomes useless.

In stealth mode, whenever possible, try to always come close to the survivor.

The high sensitivity of the controller increases the angle of the turn during the start of the sprint with the saw.

Use the first blink for map mobility, second – just for the chase.

If your opponent plays well, then do not stop in front of pallets.

Stalkerite from afar? After accumulating the first phase, hide behind the texture. The survivor will look back, but won't see you, which will save you extra time.

When playing as the Witch, bind the teleport on the mouse wheel. This will allow you to instantly move to the traps..

Always look around: illusions of the Doctor at the second and higher levels of madness give out the location of the survivors.

These improvements are mistakenly considered good.. Don't use them.

Do not use board upgrades, snares make more impact.

Don't use the M2 attack when catching survivors by surprise. It's faster to just get out of stealth mode.

An extra bottle left, but need to recharge? Throw a yellow gas under you and by the end of the reload you will get a slight acceleration.

If you have Windows 10, then enable this option. It makes it easier to navigate in space.

Survivor incapacitates you when blinded. This is a rare scenario, but can help.

Avoid filling all the fountains.

Guest Face
Always try to bend over when marking survivors. This way you mark them many times faster..

During the activation of the ability, survivors on the portals are highlighted. So you can check, do your portals break.

They are
Hold A / D in parallel with mouse rotation for a sharper twist when using Dash.

The chain break progress begins in about 0.5 seconds after hit. Use this time for correct positioning.

Two incomplete charges with a small gap create the illusion of a stuck knife.

If you lower the camera down during a lethal takeoff, then the collision with some textures will disappear.

When someone runs near Victor who is standing still, then he is highlighted by the killer instinct. This allows Victor to be placed as a turret near generators..

If the survivor is in the dead zone, then for the first blow use daggers, and for the second – basic attack.

You need to beat zombies with an additional attack.. Basic attack does not increase ability levels.

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